My cousin-in-law, Greg, posted a link to this blog on Facebook. I was intrigued by its macabre, yet light, tone. There's suspense and thrill, along with some humor and some good survival tips if I'm ever quarantined and surrounded by zombies. Check it out, if you want a little horror/suspense added to your day. (Just a warning, if you're home alone and it's night time, maybe hold off. Not joking, it freaked me out a little bit last night. But, then again, maybe you're not as much of a wimp as me.)

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I never posted any pictures from EFY Week 2, huh? Well, now I will.

[the guys of "Good from Evil"]

[Sarah N., Ganae and I.]

[Daniel and I taught a mini-class on "gratitude." It was pretty awesome.]

[Kody and Emily at the Cheer Off. We got third place!]

[Kari and I at Games Night. We be tight like unto a dish]

[Sallie and i--she's the one who told me about being a counselor. Plus she was my BC, so pretty much she's awesome.]

[Brandon was a sweetheart and asked me to dance on Friday night.]

[Nathan. "Ohhhh, man. Oh man... Oooh maaan."]

It ended up being a great week. I was, again, so impressed by these youth and their desire to learn and grow. They are striving to meet their potential, and starting so early, that I have no doubt they'll reach it. I'm really blessed to have been able to work with these kids.

My obsessions this week? Pocky sticks and Roller Coaster Tycoon. It's a good thing I don't have a job or anything really important to do, because that would seriously interfere with my gaming. ;o)

p.s. Happy 88th Birthday, Grandpa!

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  1. Everytime I hear "Oh Man." I think of how Aurora says it everytime she spills something.