This Friday I will be co-teaching a mini-class on "Gratitude" here at EFY. I'm excited because, well, at least I don't have to teach "Sexual Purity" and also because I love gratitude.

I'm one of those nerds with a lot of journals. As in, I've filled a lot, and I also am currently filling several. An everyday journal. A scripture/church journal. And a gratitude journal. Every night, as I'm climbing into bed half-conscious, I write about three things I'm grateful for. About that day. About life. About the universe. And let me tell you, because of that habit, I think I'm much more grateful for things than I usually would be. I notice the small things that make my day better, things that I may have overlooked usually. And when I'm filled with gratitude, I'm filled with joy.

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. But instead of continuing to focus on the cruddy stuff as I did for most of the afternoon, I decided to try looking for the good things. The things to be happy about. So yesterday turned into a really good day by the end. And today has been equally as great. Why? Because I am grateful for:

1) A great co-counselor
2) An awesome friend and fellow counselor who shares the same hall with me, so I get to talk with her after the girls' lights-out.
3) The smell of sunscreen and chlorine coming from the pool.
4) Little League kids playing some mean t-ball
5) Hearing the voices of the apostles and prophets
6) Playing "Kumcha" (sp?) with the youth
7) Having Class Duty inside and with my BYU friend Adam
8) Scripture study early in the morning
9) A 15-minute nap
10) Learning more about what "holy" means, and seeing how that changes my perspective on some gospel things.

And I'm grateful for this picture because it made me laugh.
[Sarah, Ganae and Shelby waiting for MorningSide devotional.]

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