EFY just keeps getting better and better. And I say that with all seriousness and sincerity. And that too. I'm serious. Literally, I'm so serious.

Monday night I said "ya'll" for the first time in a sentence, and I wasn't making fun of Southerners or joking around. I believe I said, "Ya'll want to get to know each other, right?" Or something like that. The point it, it shocked me. And I then I got scared. Is Texas making me lose the correct language and grammar I learned as a child out west?

Speaking of, the lack of punctuation used by some of my friends is astounding! Just thought I'd throw that out there.

One last thing, I was eating my Florida's Natural Au'some Fruit String Sours today and usually you get three strings in a package. If you're lucky, four. Today I got FIVE. That's right, five delicious strawberry puree, gluten free, naturally flavored fruit strings. I am one lucky girl.

A little taste of EFY...

Jeremy, Amy and Abby. They were watching William do card tricks. He is amazing!

Conner, Taylor, Janae and Alex. First day at dinner.

Grace, Britney, Braden, Brent, William and Michael at FHE.

(Far left) Alison, Kelsie, Abby, Taylor, Trent, Jeremy and David. At Orientation.

Breanna and me at check in. [E F Y]


  1. Wow, 5. That is freakishly lucky. Pass some of that my way. And I really like the orange on you. It is way pretty. Seriously.