I did it. I beat Dr. Mario, level 20, on "HI" speed. After 3 days of trying, it truly was a momentous occasion. But the only one there to share in my joy was Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum and Canoe--all singing from my radio at different times during the 5 minutes or so it took me to kill all the viruses.

I always hesitate posting things about weddings because I don't want to seem like I'm wedding/marriage crazy, especially seeing as I'm not engaged or otherwise justified in looking seriously as wedding ideas. But I always post things anyway because regardless of how close to or far away from getting married I am, it's fun to explore and share. (Other girls will agree with me.) So, here are a couple things I found lately on photography and design blogs having to do with weddings:

"Wedding Brief" via the Little White Book blog. [Some things a wedding planner would ask the couple]

What's the one thing we want to remember?
What’s the one thing we want our guests to remember?
We're standing at the altar and we turn around to look at the congregation, these are the people we hope to see...

Three words that describe us as a couple...
If we boiled down the look and feeling we want to achieve/capture in our wedding, we’d use these three words/images/ideas to describe it….
These are the things we can’t live without. They’re mandatory….

Our budget is...

[Here are the things I want to remember to do for my reception.]

--glass bottled pop
--jars of candy [favors]
--"photo booth" (back drop, camera, etc.)
--short dress
--no suit coats
--chocolate cake
--really good photographer
--finger print guest book

[photos by Jonas Peterson, via Vintage Glam Weddings]

We had a lemonade party last week. There were lots of dress-ups going on (as in, on the kids, on us...) including these awesome glasses.



Catherine and me.

Part of the lemonade party after party...



My cousin-in-law, Greg, posted a link to this blog on Facebook. I was intrigued by its macabre, yet light, tone. There's suspense and thrill, along with some humor and some good survival tips if I'm ever quarantined and surrounded by zombies. Check it out, if you want a little horror/suspense added to your day. (Just a warning, if you're home alone and it's night time, maybe hold off. Not joking, it freaked me out a little bit last night. But, then again, maybe you're not as much of a wimp as me.)

CLICK HERE ---> *@)*$()!@#

I never posted any pictures from EFY Week 2, huh? Well, now I will.

[the guys of "Good from Evil"]

[Sarah N., Ganae and I.]

[Daniel and I taught a mini-class on "gratitude." It was pretty awesome.]

[Kody and Emily at the Cheer Off. We got third place!]

[Kari and I at Games Night. We be tight like unto a dish]

[Sallie and i--she's the one who told me about being a counselor. Plus she was my BC, so pretty much she's awesome.]

[Brandon was a sweetheart and asked me to dance on Friday night.]

[Nathan. "Ohhhh, man. Oh man... Oooh maaan."]

It ended up being a great week. I was, again, so impressed by these youth and their desire to learn and grow. They are striving to meet their potential, and starting so early, that I have no doubt they'll reach it. I'm really blessed to have been able to work with these kids.

My obsessions this week? Pocky sticks and Roller Coaster Tycoon. It's a good thing I don't have a job or anything really important to do, because that would seriously interfere with my gaming. ;o)

p.s. Happy 88th Birthday, Grandpa!

7.20.09 #2


i took some photos of my sister, Kelsey's, family today. Check out more at my photography blog.


Cuuuuute. ;o)


Did you read Catherine's blog yet? She just updated it. AWESOME.

This is a way cute DIY project. Check it out here.

If I had a dinner wedding reception, this is a cool idea -- Thank you cards at each place. The color, design and typography also make it pretty awesome. Found here.

That's all. I just don't want to face the heat, the crowds, or the small talk yet. (Oh, EFY, we do have a love-hate relationship, don't we?) I'm holding up in my room for a little bit longer, listening to Jonas Brothers, anticipating seeing Harry Potter 6 on Saturday, and wishing I could take another nap. I'm so juvenile. Ha ha.


This Friday I will be co-teaching a mini-class on "Gratitude" here at EFY. I'm excited because, well, at least I don't have to teach "Sexual Purity" and also because I love gratitude.

I'm one of those nerds with a lot of journals. As in, I've filled a lot, and I also am currently filling several. An everyday journal. A scripture/church journal. And a gratitude journal. Every night, as I'm climbing into bed half-conscious, I write about three things I'm grateful for. About that day. About life. About the universe. And let me tell you, because of that habit, I think I'm much more grateful for things than I usually would be. I notice the small things that make my day better, things that I may have overlooked usually. And when I'm filled with gratitude, I'm filled with joy.

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. But instead of continuing to focus on the cruddy stuff as I did for most of the afternoon, I decided to try looking for the good things. The things to be happy about. So yesterday turned into a really good day by the end. And today has been equally as great. Why? Because I am grateful for:

1) A great co-counselor
2) An awesome friend and fellow counselor who shares the same hall with me, so I get to talk with her after the girls' lights-out.
3) The smell of sunscreen and chlorine coming from the pool.
4) Little League kids playing some mean t-ball
5) Hearing the voices of the apostles and prophets
6) Playing "Kumcha" (sp?) with the youth
7) Having Class Duty inside and with my BYU friend Adam
8) Scripture study early in the morning
9) A 15-minute nap
10) Learning more about what "holy" means, and seeing how that changes my perspective on some gospel things.

And I'm grateful for this picture because it made me laugh.
[Sarah, Ganae and Shelby waiting for MorningSide devotional.]


This article is talking mostly to wives and mothers, but I think we can all take something from it. I did.
Wanna talk sometime?
Click HERE to read it.

Heard Regina Spektors new ablum, "Far"? You should. It's good.

"You went into the kitchen cupboard, got yourself an hour, and you gave half of it to me."
--Regina Spektor, "The Calculation"

6 1/2 months ago...

... we were in Southern California, spending Christmas with my grandparents. I just found these pictures--they were on my mom's camera. That was a good Christmas.
I have a great family. Great x , actually. Which equals, well, a lot.


I was perusing some blogs today and thought these two things were pretty awesome:I don't think I'd spend $32 on it, but it sure is fun.
Find it

Personal Library Kit. No more scraps of paper taped in picture books, stamped with dinosaurs and hearts, huh Cath?
Find it here.

Please check out this blog. It's so fun. and cute. and creative. and strange.

a little note.
Lately I've had sudden and unexplainable attacks of happiness. I'm not sure why. I mean, my life is happy, I'm very blessed, but this kind of happiness usually comes when in relation to something really exciting--like a new job, a vacation, a date with a cute boy. I don't have any of those things in my life right now.
Strange, I know.
I guess the psychic section of my brain is getting fired up, interfering with my every-day-section of the brain, trying to tell me something awesome is on the horizon. I'm ready. Bring it. I want to grin to myself and know something everyone else doesn't. Right now I'm grinning and just as clueless as to the reason as you are.


Cath and me have a lot of fun together. ;o)



10 things that make me happy:

1) paint freckles all over my hands and arms from painting the front hall
2) the breeze
3) not having to do anything in particular today
4) my nieces laughing
5) building with KNEX
6) my mom's food
7) movies at the dollar theater
8) a letter from Jacob!
9) unpacking and reorganizing
10) EFY!

Especially For Youth was a great experience. I feel so privileged to get to know these amazing kids, learn from them and know the future is gonna be great because of their strength.
The theme scripture was 1 Timothy 4:12. "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."
These kids, amid all their struggles, all the peer pressure and junk, really are "examples of the believers." They were awesome. As in, they struck me with awe. Yeah, that kind of awesome.

Allison T., Kelsie and Lauren. Three of the ten amazing girls I got to be a counselor for.

The whole group at Games Night.
Our company name, "Be Just," was based off 3 Nephi 27:27. "And know ye that ye shall be judges of this people, according to the judgment which I shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am."

Me and Jeremy. Ha ha, awesome kid.

My co-counselor Eric!

At the Friday dance, Zack and me.


EFY just keeps getting better and better. And I say that with all seriousness and sincerity. And that too. I'm serious. Literally, I'm so serious.

Monday night I said "ya'll" for the first time in a sentence, and I wasn't making fun of Southerners or joking around. I believe I said, "Ya'll want to get to know each other, right?" Or something like that. The point it, it shocked me. And I then I got scared. Is Texas making me lose the correct language and grammar I learned as a child out west?

Speaking of, the lack of punctuation used by some of my friends is astounding! Just thought I'd throw that out there.

One last thing, I was eating my Florida's Natural Au'some Fruit String Sours today and usually you get three strings in a package. If you're lucky, four. Today I got FIVE. That's right, five delicious strawberry puree, gluten free, naturally flavored fruit strings. I am one lucky girl.

A little taste of EFY...

Jeremy, Amy and Abby. They were watching William do card tricks. He is amazing!

Conner, Taylor, Janae and Alex. First day at dinner.

Grace, Britney, Braden, Brent, William and Michael at FHE.

(Far left) Alison, Kelsie, Abby, Taylor, Trent, Jeremy and David. At Orientation.

Breanna and me at check in. [E F Y]