i was sifting through the 150+ e-mails i have saved on my old e-mail account. they bring back some good memories, and some i'd like to forget ("ba-leted!!"). i got to a stash of electronic letters from 2005 that made me laugh and feel incredibly loved. they were from two good friends in WA, one of whom i've kind of drifted apart from because of attending different colleges and him living in England for the last two years.

as i read the e-mails, it surprized me how good of friends we were back then. i do that quite often actually--realizing i was better friends with someone than my memory displays and that i may have lost the chance to salvage that closeness. it makes me kinda sad.

"Thank you for hanging out with me tonight, it was way
uber or oober or hoober or what ever else, fun. It
was such a good idea on your part to think of it.
I really enjoyed myself and it was way better then
staying home all night and doing nothing. And I must
say, your laugh is contagious. It is so funny to hear
it and especially when you laugh at me. So thanks for
putting up with all my lame music and cheesy one-
liners, and I had a really fun time. We should do it
again, well unless it was a total bust which I
can understand. So thanks again."
i'm not worried about this one, though. he'll be back in the states this summer and i think we'll become good friends again.

as i was reading his e-mails, i kept thinking of Liv Tyler's line in "That Thing You Do."

"Gentlemen. I'd forgotten what you fellas look like."

he's a gentlemen. i'd like to meet more people like him. they really are sparser than i thought.

i love you both! (i esepecially love C with all her stage make-up.) ;o)

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