lesson learned:
when you have a funny dream you want to tell people about, don't wait 2 days to write it down. my memory of real events is bad enough, it's even worse with the imaginary happenings of my subconscious.
so i can't remember what happened in the dream, except that it involved kids from my past dressed up in Spiderman and Bee costumes, a kid i should "Facebook friend" delete except i feel guilty doing so, and getting stuck behind the dollar theater in a screwed up VW bug. yeah, i know, you're on the edge of your seat, right?

p.s. tomorrow is my half-birthday. i've never celebrated it before, but tomorrow i think i will. 21 1/2. it's a good age.

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  1. Happy Belated Half Birfday! We will make a cake when I get there! 5 more days! (P.S. For some reason, the last two times I have tried to leave a comment it says "Your request cannot be processed. Please Try Again." And I have to try like 3 times. Just thought you mimght like to know.)