How classy is this color-scheme?
I like it.
A lot.
[Found here.]

It rained today. I tried to take pictures of it, but they didn't turn out. At all. Plus, it's hard to capture the true essence, if you will, of the rain. Especially these brief thunder storms in Texas. They come and go in 15 minutes. Not like Washington rain, where it sprinkles all day, never letting the sun come out. But it lets the rest of us stay inside, with a blanket perhaps and a movie. (I could say "a book and a cup of hot chocolate" but, come on, who the heck does that? It only happens in the movies or with people who'd like their lives to be a movie.) Anyway, the rain was fun to see for about 15 minutes. The sun is already coming out. I noticed the birds didn't hide when the rain was coming down in sheets. I guess they knew it wouldn't be worth it to go home for a couple minutes just to have to go back out 5 minutes later. They would've hardly gotten their little bird blankets unfolded. And do you know how hard it is to fold blankets back up with wings? Not easy.

It's hard being a journalist sometimes. Right now I get to write previews for bands coming through town. That part is easy. But it's the choosing of which bands to cover (since I can't cover them all) that's hard. Especially when I like so few of them. Sure, they've got passion and some nice chords and a couple clever lyrics, but that doesn't mean they're good. So I've had to come to grips with the fact that I don't have to listen to their stuff, buy their album, or even really promote them (that's why I'm not in PR), I just have to ask them a few questions, write a short article, and let the public decide if
they like them.
I always thought being an "unbiased reporter" meant the way you wrote a story, the language you used, how you framed the subjects. I didn't realize there can be so much bias before the writing even starts--it begins with what you choose to cover in the first place.

Do you think there's something wrong with me when I get immense gratification out of sucking up a big bug with a vacuum and then watching it spin around in the collection-cylinder?
Maybe a better question is: What would it be like to be in the cylinder, spinning to my death, and wondering why I ate that third fudgecicle. Or maybe why I didn't eat a fourth.
So I guess, in conclusion, go eat that fourth fudgecicle because you never know when someone 100x bigger than you is going to suck you into a vacuum and watch you die.
If you had a 4x4' block of purple clay, what would you make out of it? I'll tell you what I'd make. A huge pinch-pot. You know, the kind you made in 1st grade by pushing your thumbs into the middle of a clay ball and pinching around the sides to make a bowl? Hmm ... I think I'll need bigger thumbs.

[Learn how to make a pinch-pot here]


  1. I have a vacuum bug sucker that electrocutes the bugs when get sucked it. I get a sick satsifaction smelling the burn when they "bite it".

  2. I was thinking last night how I need to buy one of those bug sucker things for Texas. I don't know if electrocution would do anything to a cockroach though. I guess we'll see won't we. By the way, I love that color scheme. Very classy and timeless. Not something you will regret in 20 years.