For the first time ever, I am craving Costa Vida and I can't go get any. And I'm really hungry. Stupid Dallas.

P.S. Don't watch the Food Network, especially "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," when you're semi-hungry. Because then you'll be hecka hungry but it'll be midnight and you don't have a car or money to satisfy your lusts--of food, of course. Food lusts.

Mom says this is what I look like -- or would look like if I was 18 months old now, instead of 21.


  1. Kesey, Ben and I had Costa Vida today. It was totally in your honor although we didn't know you were craving it yet. I could over-night some to you if the craving gets bad enough. When I went to Chicago I took a Cafe Rio burrito in a insulated bag to my sister. She said it was still good!

  2. Ha ha, that's ridiculous! I think I'll just have to find a place around here that has similar stuff--it IS Texas, there should be a ton of burrito places, yeah?

  3. I was going to gloat that we had it yesterday, then I saw that Kathy already told you and she was much nicer about it.