We had a fiesta tonight for Cinco de Mayo -- yeah, we were a day late. I bought us some Sprite in glass bottles (hecho en Mexico) and we made tacos. It was great to hear Catherine yell when she opened her bottle and there was a dead bug on the rim. Oh, the irony. She still drank it though. I know, weird. (She poured it into a glass.)

There was this kid on Sunday that talked about how life is like climbing a mountain. It was a pretty good analogy, nothing too novel, but still good (especially because he had an Australian accent). And then I realized he stole it from Miley Cyrus. So lame. If you're going to steal an idea from someone, steal it from Einstein or Al Gore or something. "Oh! I just thought of this. E = MC2. Oh, and isn't it hot in here? I think the earth is warming up and destroying the world we know." I mean, mountain analogy or a Nobel Prize? What are they teaching those kids in Australia?

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  1. The bug things was so wierd I had to read it out loud to Ben. And then since I was already reading, i just kept going. I was laughing so hard.