You know how, when you're having a hard time, someone says to you (either seriously or not), "There's someone out there going through worse things." And depending on your mood, you either scowl, laugh, make a sarcastic comment, pout or slap them. Regardless of the appropriateness of such a statement during times of hardship, it's true. But the way we handle hard times really shows the true character of a person, regardless of who else is having a hard time too. We can't be happy all the time (that's neither natural nor normal) but things seems brighter when we acknowledge our blessings, acknowledge the good things that come from bad situations, and acknowledge our Heavenly Father's hand in all that happens. He's got our back if we've got His, kno'wha'i'mean?

I came across this blog today. It belongs to a mother in Provo who was in a plane crash last August. Her life is hard, but, well, read her blog and you'll see she seems to be handling it pretty well.

P.S. Her attitude is not unlike many of the women (and men) I'm acquainted with. You are examples to me and help me stay positive when I'd rather pout, scowl and sleep my life away.

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