5.31.09 #2

10 things I'm grateful for right now:
1- sunshine
2- soft music
3- my piano
4- colorful sunglasses
5- meeting two nice boys at church
6- dad getting home safely from WA
7- mom's spaghetti sauce
8- doing the "weeding" in my phone contacts list
9- being out of school
10- my Neverland Happy Thought*

* My missionary buddy, Jacob, wrote me a letter last week and included in his list of 10 questions was this one: "What is your Neverland Happy Thought?"

I had to think about it. I thought about what makes me smile the widest, giggle the sweetest, and what makes my heart swell the biggest. I gave him two answers. The first happy thought would be a memory. The second an idea, a hope, a wish for a future event.

My first happy thought, I wrote, would be a time when all my siblings were gathered in the same room along with my parents. It's loud and confusing and everyone is crying--crying with laughter. Gabe has just told the story about when he hid behind a trash can and waited to scare Devon. Devon was taking out the trash in one hand and wielding a wizard staff in the other. Everyone knows the ending, but it never loses his hilarity. Then Thomas tells the story of when he threw up in the Familia's pool. Deon recounts the day she pulled a knife on Devon and Gabe. Kelsey follows it up with how they used to pay Gabe to tell their fortunes (always death.) Catherine and I mostly just listen and laugh uncontrollably, waiting for the stories that include us. Mom and Dad fill in with their versions of stories and then tell their own. That's my Neverland Happy Thought.

My second happy thought, one without the restriction of having to have already happened, would be the idea of a future event. I warned Jacob I was going to sound like "such a girl." And I did. See, my happy thought, the one that makes me smile the widest and my heart swell the biggest, and especially giggle the sweetest, is the idea of one day finding that man. That one man who makes me feel more myself with him than I do by myself. That man who wraps his arms around me because he's as happy to have me as I am to have him. I look at the engagement and wedding photos of my close friends who have found that person, and my grin is so wide it almost doesn't look crooked any more. I see their happiness and imagine mine someday and my heart nearly bursts. As girly as it may sound, that is my Neverland Happy Thought. I don't have any pixie dust, yet that thought makes me feel like I can fly anyway.

What's your happy thought?


  1. That's sweet. I agree with both. I would have to say those are two of my most happiest thoughts too. I got lucky and have the second one already. It'll happen for you too.

  2. I love your happy thoughts. I have to agree, but add my third happy thought and that's my kids, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. I just remember the day that I had them and it makes me so happy.

  3. You have such a way with words I love those thoughts!!