i like looking at blogs. i like looking at what other people are doing, seeing, saying, trying. but then, the more i sit and look at my computer screen, the more i realize i want to be out there doing, seeing, saying, trying. and so, i will.

i plan on making a short video made up of photos--i was going to call it "stop motion" but that would be using a video camera, and i want to use a still camera. i found this video and was taken in by what is happening in it, and how it was created.

[i watched it the first time with the sound off, not realizing it. i like it both ways. p.s. exit out of the add that appears after it starts so you can see the full screen.]

i also want to go out and take photos with film. digital is easy, convenient, and hard to screw up with because you can always just look at the picture, delete it, and try again. but with film there is surprise at seeing what develops, satisfaction in the successes, and determination to go out and try again when you fail. digital is fantastic, but film, in a sense, is magical to me. perhaps because it is old. perhaps because it isn't as popular any more. perhaps because i like surprises, satisfaction, and being determined.

this guy might not use film, but i like his photographs just the same. looking at his collection is soothing. especially the ones in the forest and the fog. washington truly is my home.

[photo by David Wright]

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