Catherine and I had some fun yesterday drawing pictures in church (yes, we listened too) and so I decided to copy some of them into digital form. I love all my nephews (and nieces) and these drawings are putting some of my favorite moments on paper. (Seeing as I don't have kids yet, and when I do they'll be hell-on-earth, I made one of me too, just so you know I'm doing this out of love and fun, not malice.) ;o)

(People say I look angry all the time, whether it's true or not.)

(Tucker really likes the Wii. And he gets a little upset if it gets turned off...)

(I guess one time when Kelsey was watching Spencer, he was sad his parents left so he sat at the top of the stairs and said, in a high-pitched little voice, what is written in the script bubble above...)

(I love this Conner face.)

(Charlie is a little OCD about cards...and other things.)


  1. Is Charlie yelling because his cards aren't perfectly lined up? Because if so, it's a perfect replication.

  2. Funny except for there are never any tears with Conner because it's all FAKE!

  3. Ha ha, oh, my bad D.
    And yeah, that's why he's screaming Kels.