5.24.09 #2

BA HA! Oh Jonas Brothers. How you amuse me. In 2006 they filmed "Year 3000" and had this punk-garage-band look. Obviously they realized there were enough of those, plus their voices are too high and/or "poppish" and, come on, Joe can't play any instruments for real. (Tambourine doesn't count.) It's hilarious to see how their hair and clothes have changed in three years. Oh, and I'm glad Joe toned down his dramatic singing style that he sports in the first video. The second video is of their most recent song, "Paranoid." Oh, Jonas Brothers. What would my world be without you? ... Well, pretty much the same. But without these extra couple laughs.


  1. I think Joe looked way better with the short hair. If I was part of a band, I would learn an insturment so I didn't look the no talent freeloader brother.

  2. I wasn't a big fan of this song. I think there other songs are better. I did think the end was funny though. I agree with Kelsey I think Joe looked better with short hair now he just looks like a hippie.