We went to the Dallas Zoo today. This gorilla was either deep in thought or really bored. Or contemplating how to break through the plexi-glass to maul those annoying children. I'll let you be the judge.

We're moving in this weekend. But we will be without internet and cable for two days. TWO DAYS! As sad as it sounds, I haven't gone without checking my e-mail, Facebook and the blogs I follow at least once a day for probably a year. Yes, I know, I am too dependent on a machine. And I could say, "I can quit any time," but not only is that a lie, but I'm not going to. Why waste a perfectly good thing? You wouldn't chuck cupcakes out of a speeding car's window, would you? Well, unless you're aiming at a car behind you who happens to be driven by that jerk in junior high who mocked your Spanish II poster labeling all the body parts. He was just jealous the teacher gave me extra credit for coloring inside the lines with such precision. He deserves some cupcake in his grill. And his engine. And steering wheel...

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