5.1.09 #2

The fire hydrant outside our new house matches my shoes. [This one is for you, Deon.]

"Green is what? GOOD! Let's go." [This one's for you, Kelsey.]

Today is May Day (supposedly) so here's a picture of a flower.

Did you know Jonas Brothers have a song about how they're in love with the pizza girl? Me either. They do. And it begins with whistling.

Did you know I lacerated my leg with a telephone wire sticking out from the ground? Well, it was a wire, I don't know about it being for a telephone. And it was sticking out from a protective plastic cover, not the ground. So really the only thing you can take from this is that my leg was cut and it bled everywhere--well, it bled...

Did you know I have nothing worth saying tonight? Yeah, I knew you knew that already.

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