Lovely Weekend.

Saw "17 Again" with Deon and Krystin (so funny. so awkward. so worth $8.50.)
Took two finals (91% and 94%)
Slept in. (10 o'clock)
65 degree weather. Mmm, sunshine.
Saw "Race to Witch Mountain" with Ked
Kelsey and Ben got back from California.
Went riding with James and Justin (luckily the "hike" up to the Y lasted about 2 minutes and we decided it just wasn't worth it.)
Gained a new appreciation for the work missionaries do.

This was ten years ago. Weird.
{Carly Astle, Elizabeth Gosney, Jilise Piete, Catherine Gosney}

[Pictures from this weekend will be posted as soon as I can borrow an SD card reader ... Kelsey?]

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