[10 Things that make me Happy]

1. Wearing my green bandanna.2. Riding the bus.
3. Getting my National Geographic in the mail.
4. Phineas and Ferb
5. Comments on my Facebook photos.
6. Pictures of me and Catherine.
7. Chili-cheese Fritos and peanut butter M&Ms.
8. Letters from Jacob.
9. Talking with Adam and Ked.
10. My family -- Like playing catch with Dad, doing Mom's hair, going to lunch with Thomas, going shopping with Deon and Kelsey, playing Guitar Hero with Gabe and Dr. Mario with Devon, Wii Baseball with Ben, Girl's nights with Anna and driving Sarah to SLC. Haha. ;o)


Cool huh? I need some twine and tacks and mini-clothes pins. What is all that paper stacked on the desk, do you think?

4.26.09 #2

Texas Adventures
[Days 2-5]

Day 2, Blue Bell Ice Cream

Day 3, Yogurt Story stop.

Day 4, Model homes tour

Day 5, Driving home from church

Donkey faces.


Photographer: Catherine Gosney
Editor: Elizabeth Gosney

Bye Utah, Hello Texas

Ked and I the night before I left for Texas.

Charlie, me, Aurora the day before I left. They were pretty torn up about me leaving. I could tell. It was in their eyes.

Adam and me, the day I left for Texas

Bye Utah! (This might be Colorado, I'm not sure.)



We have fun in Texas.


I'm not quite sure about Dallas yet. But I'm warming up to it. We drove to Denton today (where we will move in about 4 weeks) and got job applications. Sports Authority, Coldstone, Old Navy, The Children's Place. I'm hoping for Sports Authority. There were some CUTE boys working at the cash register. Yeah, you know what I mean.

It's really pretty out in Denton, lots of cool trees (and when I say "lots" I am coming from Utah, not Washington) and the people are nicer than in Dallas. (Wow, those people at the Dallas Wal-Mart were grumpy.) The drivers are crazy everywhere we've gone (seriously, Provo drivers are saints compared to these people). The air is thick and warm, I love it. I know, weird. I'll probably hate it in a month, but right now it's awesome. Oh, and I don't know why, but it smells like Disneyland here. In a good way. I walk outside and start looking for Big Thunder Mountain and Mickey Mouse.

As soon as I get an SD card reader I'll get some pictures of our adventures, both of which (yes, we've had 2) involved ice cream. Ha. We Gosney's love food, eh?

A photo, as promised, from last weekend. James, Justin and I at the base of Y Mountain. We rode up on our "bikes" (motorcycles, or something along those lines.)


Lovely Weekend.

Saw "17 Again" with Deon and Krystin (so funny. so awkward. so worth $8.50.)
Took two finals (91% and 94%)
Slept in. (10 o'clock)
65 degree weather. Mmm, sunshine.
Saw "Race to Witch Mountain" with Ked
Kelsey and Ben got back from California.
Went riding with James and Justin (luckily the "hike" up to the Y lasted about 2 minutes and we decided it just wasn't worth it.)
Gained a new appreciation for the work missionaries do.

This was ten years ago. Weird.
{Carly Astle, Elizabeth Gosney, Jilise Piete, Catherine Gosney}

[Pictures from this weekend will be posted as soon as I can borrow an SD card reader ... Kelsey?]


I take a deep breath. My stomach rises, bulging into an orb of blood, organs, water and skin, all covered by a gray cotton t-shirt. I slowly release the air through my nose, watching the orb drop flat. Lying on my bed, my legs droop off the edge, my worn sandals threatening to fall off my dirty feet. I take another breath, sucking in until no more will fit and the pressure seeps into my head. I hold the air in, unconscious of my surroundings. The pulse in my neck feels like a bouncy ball being thrown against my throat from the inside. I quickly release my breath, my vocal chords involuntarily adding a low sigh through my closed lips. I take several shallow breaths, my eyes still focused on the gray fabric covering my stomach.

My thoughts wander, thinking of the past. I don't regret it. I don't want to go back. But I also don't want to be here, in the present. I look forward, in my mind, trying to predict what will happen. The year stretches out in my mind, a string of months laid side by side. The summer is blocked off in a different color than the other months. I want to be there now, in the summer, in the future. I don't know what's there, but I want it.

I take one last deep breath. My eyes shut. With the extra air I also release from my body the worry that possesses it. Or so I say. It's still there, no matter how much I tell myself it's not. I smile, chuckling at my funny mind. I get up from my bed and head toward the door.

The future will come. It always does.


I'm home alone right now. Back in my room, on my bed, listening to Jose Gonzales and Coldplay (not at the same time, that's just silly). Someone just knocked on the front door. I ignored it. 10 seconds later they tried walking it. HA! I locked the door. I'm tired of people walking in to a house that's not theirs. So rude. But it's accepted here. There are some people who don't even knock, they just walk in like they OWN THE PLACE! Psh. Please, I don't even own the place. But I do live here, I do own a key to that front door, thus only I am allowed to walk in without knocking. Oh, and my roommates.
Oh, I think the point of writing this was feeling funny about ignoring the knock at the door and hiding out in my room. I do this more often than a normal person, I think. But the person knocking is never knocking to come and see me, thus I feel very little inclination to rise off my 35 year old mattress, saturated with enough dust, dead skin, hair and who knows what else (shudder) to kill an elephant--Or just give me the heedbadeejeebies. No wonder I have so few friends. (Because of not answering the door, not the bed.) Eh. I've got my computer, I've got music, and I've got a cell phone if I really want to communicate with people.
The only problem with ignoring the knocks is now I have to wait about 15 minutes before going out to my kitchen because I have to turn on the light. That light, for way too many, says, "Come and sit awkwardly in the kitchen, wasting Elizabeth's time and eating her cookies!" You'd think they wouldn't come back after all the dirty looks I give them and especially after I knifed that one kid. ...

p.s. I got a letter from Jacob today. 35 pictures. 30 of them are just of his face, making different faces. If only he had sent profile shots too, then I could sculpt a bust of him out of my extra block of marble.

4.10.09 #2

Lillyanna --
(to see more, click here or go to my photography blog listed on the right.)


When I have my own house, I want these things in it.

long, black umbrellas

an upright piano

an art easel

a chalkboard in my kitchen
Lots and lots of books and bookshelves
(a library would be ideal)

4.8.09 #2

I think I'd be a good monkey. Because I like to groom things. And I like bananas. And I know sign language. Yeah, I'd make a good monkey.

It 10:05 p.m. and I have 5 pages of 10 done for my research paper due tomorrow. Luckily only a draft is due tomorrow, so the last few pages will be jibberish. If my teacher, who will be reviewing it, actually notices that, I'll just blame the monkey. The monkey in me, that is.

It was reaffirmed today that I truly am psychic. I hadn't thought about my phone at all, all day, and suddenly out of no where the thought occurred to me: "Where's my phone? I can't remember where I left it. No one has called or txt'd me in while. Maybe that's a good thing seeing as I need to finish my paper---" and then my phone BURST INTO SONG!! Yeah, it was in my backpack and it was ringing. I am totally psychic.

"Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over." or is it, "Hey now, hey now, don't dream, it's over." Totally different meanings. The first is saying, "Don't worry, our relationship is totally not over." and the second one is essentially saying, "Please, we are so over. Not even in your dreams could this work out." I'm hoping my boyfriend says the first--well, if I had a boyfriend that's what I'd hope.

Toes are ugly. Well, not mine, but everyone else's are. Huh. Maybe it's the same with your kids. Everyone else's kids just don't measure up in attractiveness to your own. Yeah. So true.


How cute is this? Let's just hope they have Polaroid film left by the time I get married.
photos from Lillian and Leonard Photography.


I was looking at these old pictures on the blog, www.shorpy.com, and came across this one:

It was titled, "Genevieve Hendricks." That's my paternal grandmother's name. I had to think for a second and realize a couple things. 1) My grandmother never lived in Washington, D.C., where this photo was taken. 2) My grandmother was not an interior decorator, as this picture is the exterior of an interior design studio and 3) My grandmother wasn't even born until the 1920s, and this picture was taken in during the 1920s--my grandma, I'm sure, was amazing (she died when I was 5) but probably not so amazing as to open her own business before graduating from kindergarten.

Check out the website. The photos are pretty cool. www.shorpy.com.