Have you ever seen the Holga before? They look like play cameras, and I guess the price reflects that ($70) but they are pretty rad. Maybe I'm just conforming to what others think is cool, or maybe I just am that cool. Here's what they look like:

I've seen some of the photographs they produce, and they look like they're from the 1970s. Colors are muted, but they can also be highlighted and made to pop with the filters you can buy ($35 for, like, 15?). They say ("they" meaning unnamed people I don't want to specify, obviously) that you can never be completely sure how the photos are going to turn out. Sometimes the colors don't look like you expect, etc... (I can't think of another way the photo would look different... out of focus? ... ... etc.) When I first read that I thought,
"What a rip off! You buy a camera to take pictures and then pictures don't look like they did through the view-finder? Dumb."
But then, after taking a bunch of pictures with my Nikon 35 mm and about 1/3 of them looking half-way decent, I realized something: If you are a crap-photographer, having a Holga could result in excellent photographs. Am I right? I think I am. Whereas, if you're a good photographer the Holga could just be a instrument to waste film. In conclusion, I want a Holga. Here's the link if you'd like to investigate one for yourself--or if you are feeling generous, I'd like the CMY Holga (see it here). Then I could go around town with my silly sunglasses (which, p.s. broke yesterday, so I need to get some new ones), some shorts and sandals and maybe a funky hat and no one would take me seriously. I picture a Joon kind of character--probably because she was mentally unstable and that's what I'd want people to think about me...

shifty eyes...

p.s. how do you develop the film for the Holga? It's funky. Well, I guess that's why they have an adapter for 35mm film--it's only $15, so it's not like the infomercials where they hook you with a product and then charge you $75 S + H. Jerks.

Yeah? black? Too late, I already ordered them.

p.p.s. Happy Birthday Deon!

p.p.p.s. i really bugs me when people use p.s.s.s. instead of p.p.p.s. Just so you all know, "p.s." = post script. Thus, you cannot have a post script script script. But you CAN have a post post post script. It's true. Tell your friends.


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  2. Ha ha, you're getting Johnny Cash glasses. No joke though. Have you seen "Walk the Line"? They still look cool, and I do like the black.

  3. thanks for the birthday wish, I didn't see it until today! Those glasses are like Conner's glasses that he got at the eye doctor when they had to dilate his eyes.