3.5.09 #2

photos courtesy of lyell.com

I'm sorry, what are they trying to sell? Apparently it's clothing. Yet I see very little clothing. Yet, I don't think they're trying to sell sex either (which, in Utah, is illegal, remember. So go to Nevada). They're selling crappy make-up, messy hair, and despondent features. Seriously, they look like their cat just got hit by a car, then mauled by a dog and all while it's raining outside on their birthday. She needs a nap. Naps help you forget your bad day. Unless you wake up from your nap and your cat's mangled corpse is sitting up on the bed next to you...looking at you. Creeeeeepy...

Ok, that's all. I hope you have a good day. If not, well, take a nap. And make sure your cat is safely locked in the closet beforehand.

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  1. That is way creepy. The styles people like these days. Crazy kids.