3.26.09 #2

Four sisters, 4+ dimples. You can see a dimple on each of our cheeks in this photo. I thought it was cute.

I love my sisters.


Deon: Because you give good dating advice, throw the best parties, love your husband and boys even when they're bugging the snot out of you, are adventurous, and are always showing people you care by talking with them--strangers and family alike. I wish I could do that. You look at situations from other people's perspectives and are very forgiving.

Kelsey: Because you feed me --all the time, you tell hilarious stories about your kids, let me talk and talk about silly things, are thoughtful at unexpected times which always seem to come at the best times--for me and others. That's a trait I need to develop. You sacrifice your time and wants for others without a second thought...or at most a third...or fourth thought. Ha ha.

Catherine: Because you are without guile, sweet and observant of others' feelings, yet you are feisty and would knife anyone who threatened those you love. You are practically my twin, yet my opposite, so we love doing the same stuff but also get each to do things we usually wouldn't. Life would be miserable without you and germs would be running rampant.


  1. Thanks that means a lot to me. You are a sweetie. There are so many reasons I love you, but since I am doped up on pain killers I'll let you know what they are later.

  2. You have the most vivid dreams...I was laughing so hard, maybe because that is what my life feels like when I'm awake! :) I love you too. Thanks for always keeping me company when I feel like I am going crazy...or already have.