I found this blog via another blog and I love it. It's called "Once Wed" and it has all these lovely things about weddings--dresses, flowers, food, photography. ... There are so many neato things on there, so you should take a look.

I really liked these flowers they made out of fabric. Cute, and I could totally do that.This is the link to the page where it tells you how to make them.

I've been finding more and more blogs to add to my list on the right because Facebook is now totally bogus. Well, I guess it was before too, but now it's blatantly obvious. I hate Twitter and now Facebook is mimicking it. Yuck. So I'm taking all the time I used to spend on Facebook and using it to be inspired by photographers, writers and artists from across the country--and world!

"Twilight" came out on video (well, DVD. Sorry, I'm a 90s kid) on Saturday. I've watched it twice already plus the bonus features. Most of the deleted scenes are ridiculous and it's clear why they were deleted. But the extended scenes? Man, they should have left those in. You actually witness Bella's personality--as in, she smiles and laughs and acts like a teenager. Can you imagine being her or worse, being around her, for more than the length of a movie? I can think of several things that would be much more pleasant. The list would start with "Taking a shower for the rest of my life with dog slobber" and end with "Being lethally injected with an unsterile needle." Yes, even death would be more pleasant that spending eternity with that mind-numbingly boring insult to the human race.


  1. I do agree... although, if you are going to die anyway, would it really matter if the needle was unsterile?

  2. You are funny Lizzy! I needed that laugh I have had a hard week. I love ya.