I volunteered today to help "Save Main Street" in American Fork. Kelsey and Kathy came too, but they didn't volunteer--unless you count them volunteering money in exchange for bread and cookies and Kelsey volunteering her baby to Hunter to hold for a minute because he loves babies. Anyway, it was fun. I should have posted this earlier, but I didn't, but regardless of the timing, it's funny, so look at this video.

McKay is narrating the "commercial" and Hunter talks at the very end. Those boys crack me up. Check out McKay's weekly column on the Deseret News Mormon Times site, "Single Mormon Twentysomething" and Hunter's music blog, 17 Tracks.


  1. Hey- I volunteered. I handed out those two balloons while you were on the phone and I told some lady that "Yes, those samples are for anyone." So don't be saying that I didn't help. sheesh.

  2. And I totally helped free the balloons from the tangled knot of ribbons!

  3. ok, jeez! you guys "volunteered." but were you kicked out of the Target parking lot because you were sacrificing your time for a good cause? Did you blow up, tie and attach those balloons to ribbon? Nope. Case in Point. I win.
    p.s. thanks for commenting though.