I was sitting in the Wilk today and aside from being thoroughly annoyed by a dude wanting to share my table with me (oh my gosh, just put your bag on the table and stop fidgeting! I felt like I was back in Park City yelling at Catherine: "What are you doing right NOW! Right NOW!"). Have you ever heard of "Life, The Universe and Everything"? Maybe you've seen "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," and that would be acceptable. But I'm talking about LTUE, The Science Fiction Convention. I know, wow. They convened today on the third floor of the Wilk. I saw way too many socks and sandles, tube socks/clogs/capris combos, worn-out capes and dragon shirts. But what I HEARD was well worth the astrocities inflicted upon my eyes. Here's a sample:

"And I was like, 'You were dating the humans and we didn't like that, but now you're ONE of them, so we're gonna have to kick you out.'"

"If a tree falls in outer space, does it make a sound?"

"So what's stopping you? Need me to lend you a pen?" [Huge outburst of laughter. I didn't understand the joke.]

"That is the source of her father's insanity. He ACTUALLY BELIEVES he should support his wife and everything. ... Yeah. I know."

"It's hard science fiction. It's plausible. It's all so real! I mean, it could be. I wish it were..."

"Do you know Alien's mother?" "Herendous? Yeah." "She's delusional."

The smell was pretty rank in the back hallways. I had to make an early escape with my battle-ready sword and light saber. I accidentally left my level 4 D&D certificate there. Shnikes.

When science fiction was cool. They must have had to pay those actors a lot.

Oh, one more thing. I was really tired, so as I was listening to the banter of science fiction fanatics, I looked down the hallway and was sure Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was walking toward me. I was actually pretty excited for a second. Turns out it was just some curly haired kid with a guitar and tambourine. Or maybe he was carrying a backpack and Jamba Juice. I was REALLY tired.
We could be twinners! I have some purple sunglasses just like those. Mmm mmm mmm, how do I get me some of that morsel of a man?

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