i like to be forwarned when i'm about to go into a 3 hour movie. i was prepared for "Harry Potter" 1-5, i was prepared for "Lord of the Rings" 1-3. but "Flower Drum Song" when i was 11? no. and the latest, "Australia"? it could've been over after an hour and 20 minutes. it was a good movie, yes, but sooooooo loooooong. i kept having flash backs of the torture "Wall-E" ensued and the fear of bedsoars from sitting for so long.
one thing i will say though, cowboys just jumped up a notch on the attractive scale. mmm, mmm.

what's the big deal about New Years Eve? you stay up all night, get sick on all sorts of junk, and watch 4 hours of mediocre to really crappy television just to watch a shiny ball drop and confetti fly in front of the camera. the only thing that makes me want to keep watching is Ryan Seacrest. i mean, he's the best thing since Dick Clark, am i right?

i got new shoes. i like them. i probably like them more because i see them on other people who i think are cool. i never said i wasn't a non-conformist.

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