Last night I dreamed. It was one of the first times I have been conscious of my dreaming and remembered the dream in a long time. I like dreaming because usually they're funny or trippy. Last night? Not so much. I was myself in the dream, living a typical day here at BYU. But it wasn't just typical, it was a bad typical day. I woke up, in the dream, and started finishing my home work as a result of procrastination this weekend. I was reading my ASL book, but got a phone call and didn't finish. Then I was reading my ethics book and was trying to think of a response to the chapter to turn in at class. But, something got in the way and I had to leave. So I was in a panic but had to go to my first class. I wasn't prepared for it, but sat down and signed the roll anyway. Then my dad walked in and asked me to leave class. As I walked out I saw my teacher scratching my name off the roll. When I got outside, my dad said I was late to go see a movie with my mom. I was glad to be with my family, but so frustrated that I had to skip class. I never skip class--ever. I could know that we are going to watch "Little Women" which I've seen over 60 times in the past 5 years, but I would go. So, mom and I were walking to the movie theatre and I realized by going to the movie I would be skipping my second class too. By then my panic was spreading from my stomach into my heart and lungs and it was hard to breathe. Finally, my mind kind of shut off in the dream. I decided that if I pretended it wasn't really happening, that everything would be ok. So I did. And I calmed down. Then I woke up for real, to the sound of my cell phone. I could've been really angry, but I was so excited that it was all a dream and I would be able to live my real day a lot better than my dream day. So I've been in a good mood all day, despite my runny nose, bruised knee, blistered foot, the rain clouds and the pressure of finishing my internship application.
I don't think it's fair that my real world is creeping so blatantly into my dream world. Lame.

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  1. That is a bad dream anything where I am doing homework in dream is a bad one. Well if you decide not to do the internship you can come and be the office girl in New York for Dillan.