New favorite movie:

New personal discovery:
i like being alone, but i love being with people. i guess i might be what you call a extroverted introvert--or rather, a introverted extrovert? i don't know. but i'm ok with it. i think it makes life nice and balanced and much less stressful. i can be happy whether i'm alone or with people--well, as long as i have at least one friend in the group.

you know those kids that go to parties or dances all alone? they try to join a group, which is pretty brave, i've gotten hand it to them. but they are so awkward and you automatically think they're strange. they might not be, they may be really cool, but it doesn't matter. they purposefully put themselves in a strange situation thus they are deemed strange. i know how that feels, i was that weirdo at the FHE party. i tried to fake my way through, jumping from one stranger to another in attemt to not freak anyone of them out. we'll see if i accomplished my goal on Sunday--we'll see if any of them talk to me.


  1. This is one of my favorite movies too- good pick! Jacob Stokes, huh?

  2. No! Not Jacob Stokes. He's been off his mission for like 3 years. Haha, no, this kid I've met once--in the MTC--last year. We're pretty much BFF's now.