Prize Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the prizes me, Mom and Dad won at "Bananas" in Grand Junction when I was there in Colorado. 90 tickets = 6 pirates. Amazing, yes?

#1 -- As you can see, a brawl is taking place between the pirates. The weaponless pansy in blue went down first, naturally.

#2 -- After the brawl, the witch doctor came along and brought the blue pansy back to life. They all became friends and had a good time in the hot tub. (Dad came up with that, he's so creative.)

#3 -- Dad was playing the batting cages. [He was batting. For some reason I had to clarify that because when I first typed it I had this image of Dad running around the enclosed area, dodging balls as they flew out of the pitching machines, with his arms up in the air laughing hysterically. Very uncharacteristic of Dad, but nonetheless, possible]. So, anyway, me and Mom got the pirates out again and had a couple more battles. The blue pansy always died first. That's what you get for dropping your sword into the sea. Ariel probably has it by now in her little "cave of secrets." Psh, honey, that secret was out a WHILE ago.

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