what an awesome week! here's why...

~new deodorant that actually works
~a 22 page letter from a near complete stranger
~hecka fun classes/wide open schedule/having Adam in 3 of those classes
~playing softball, and although losing by 8, having a wicked awesome time
~playing with Conner, Charlie, Aurora and the twins
~my parents
~going to the temple and doing 15 names! not just 2 or 3 like usual
~my roommate Sarah
~a clean apartment
~sweatshirt weather
~James Taylor/Fantasia/Carbon Leaf/Death Cab for Cutie
~my scooter
~my siblings
~no boys/no drama/no need
~smiling strangers
~a new National Geographic
~meeting a new friend because he helped fix my bookshelf as it collapsed in front of his apartment. (he's now totally infatuated with my roommate. good thing he's too short for me.)
~water and granola bars
~Sensuous Sandwich
~British accents
~et cetera...Even my hair looks awesome this week! ;o)

1 comment:

  1. It makes me happy that you are happy. I just wrote that without looking at my hands once, okay once. Way to go typing classes!