one wish...

One wish for today...

i wish a friend would ask me how i'm doing and sincerely want an honest answer. and if that answer was, "oh, not too swift," they'd sit down and listen to me.

not a family member. they're good at this already. a friend.

or, if they didn't have the chance to listen, i wish they'd give me a little note scratched out on a piece of paper asking why i look down.

i would love that. it's nice to know someone is noticing you.


Conner Dillan Christensen

Scotland Ty Christensen

Deon had me take pictures of her boys yesterday, and I think they turned out pretty good.


i was looking around some other blogs and happened upon this

what do you think? i like it--er, i like them.


I never really thought much about it before, but tonight I realized how true it is: Being a mom is so cool! Not that I'm a mom, or an expecting mom, or even married. But I was taking care of Kelsey and Ben's kids for a little more than an hour tonight alone, getting them in their pj's and brushing their teeth. It was fun! I loved being "the adult" and enforcing the rules, but making them laugh at the same time. I'm so used to be "the cool aunt" (i know that's what they call me, don't lie) and just playing around with them, but tonight I felt almost like a parent.
Well, now that I think more about it, this isn't the first time I've done something contrary to my cool-auntness. I've held a screaming baby till she fell asleep, changed diapers, put toddlers in time-out, and even made a snack or two for some hungry youngster. The difference tonight, though, was my mentality. Before I was just a babysitter or a helper to the parent. Tonight I was going solo; I let my mind wander into the future, thinking about when I'll be married and have little kids of my own. I imagined how satisfying it would be to have healthy and happy babies with my last name, with my blood, with my nose and my laugh. I've always wanted kids, 5 or 6 I think, but tonight I actually got excited to have kids.
This may seem silly to some, you know, for me to be telling you all this. But I think it's an example of how I'm growing up. I'm leaving petty, pointless and immature things behind. I'm becoming more focused on what's important in the long-run, on what will help those around me and not just myself. At least that's what I'm trying to do. I also need to work on my volume and choice of words. Some things just aren't as funny as they seem in my head, including calling someone on TV, "idiot" or getting all worked up and loud over a game. I'm slowly taking on attributes of my mom, where's she's witty and soft-spoken and would rather not be competitive. And that's ok with me. Actually, that's great with me.

Being the off-spring of Terry and Carrie Gosney, I inherited several less than desirable traits. Including "big bones" and the Roberts' behind. But shoot, I inherited so many totally awesome traits that trump any hips or thick fingers! For example, I received skills in art, English and wit from my mom, as well as a great example of patience and selflessness. I received athletitism, science/math comprehension and leadership/public speaking skills from my dad. Well, there's tons of other stuff, but this is just a short synopsis for you all to enjoy. ;o)


I finished my quilt. I bet you didn't even know I was making a quilt. Well, I'm done now. It's about 6x6', made out of a bunch of my old t-shirts from 2nd grade to my sophomore year of college. Plus, I used a bunch of my old jeans to make the borders. I had one pair of jeans since the 8th grade. I had to cut and "paste" a bunch of the pieces of those jeans together since half of them were made up of patches as it was.
So, yeah, the binding around the edges looks like crud because I'm a very impatient person, so regardless of whether my sewing was straight or not, I just kept going.
That's all I got. Nothing funny this time, just straight news.

9.14.08 #2

So tonight on my way home from visiting some old friends in the condos next to my apartment complex, i walked past the open door of one of the guys' apartments in my ward. there were a bunch of people inside, sitting in a circle, with my roommate Sarah in the middle of them turning around in circles looking very confused as everyone laughed. yes, that's right, they were playing "keep-away" with her cell phone. no wait, that's a lie. they were playing the game "Signs." Anyway, i decided to join in on the fun, hoping to meet new people (aka: guys) and i was very nicely accepted. However, i didn't get to play "Signs"--just then they changed the game to "Adverbs." One person left the room, the rest of the group decided on an adverb (the first choice was "Facebookly") and then the "it" person came back into the room, picked 3 actors from the group and told them the scene they'd be acting out the adverb in ("it" still doesn't know what that word is) and then leaves again. After the 3 actors decide on a course of action, "it" is brought back and the guessing begins. i was pretty confident that because only 3 people in the room new my name, i wouldn't get picked to act. oh how wrong i was. however, i didn't get the fun and easy word of "Facebookly" or "Return Missionaryily" -- no, I got "Freshmanly." When the girl, "it," came back in, she announced that the scene would be one of that resembling a delivery room, and the 3 lucky actors would be John, Sean (oh cute, they rhyme) and ....... (note, the whole time i was looking away from "it" in order to reduce my chances even more with the lack of eye-contact) Elizabeth. Inside i was thinking, "Ah, man! just my luck!" and then my feelings came out of my crooked mouth: "CRAP!!" woops. not a good impression to be leaving with these people. i didn't even know this woman knew my name. oh, of all the ironic cruel things in this world. but at least i was wearing cute shoes....
so, i was to be the freshman wife at BYU, giving birth in front of a group of 20 strangers. lovely. at least Matt, my roommate's boy, gave me some ideas. so with a reluctant heart, i sat down criss-cross-apple-sauce in the middle of the group. "It" came back into the room. John, the "father" was sitting on a chair across the room with his face turning red and his head in his hands in embarrassment. Sean, the "OBGYN" was just standing there, waiting for an alien abduction or the roof to collapse in on him (and in Park Plaza, that's not as far-fetched as it sounds.) Just before i started talking--i would have to talk of course, because the two pansy actors around me were too chicken to even look at me-- i unfolded my legs and crossed them out straight in front of me. "It", who'd chosen this terrible scene, attempted to reassure me with, "Well, you don't have to have your legs in the stir-ups or anything!" .......... uh, como se dice "awkward?"
So, I spoke with a loud voice to get everyone's attention that we were starting this ridiculous scene, and imbedded in the volume was the fact that if i was going to embarrass myself, they'd ALL better be watching.
"I can't have my baby here!" I said. "This is the Cannon Center...." i squeaked out the last line in attempt to make it more comical and because my face was scrunching up in agony and my voice went with it. neither of the boys responded or even shifted from their terribly awkward stances. I tried again. "I haven't even turned in my American Heritage homework yet!" Again, nothing from the two other "actors." but luckily "it" was on the ball. She guessed the adverb and the scene was over. just 30 seconds had passed from when i sat on the ground and crossed my legs to the time she guessed the absurd adverb and i arose from the blue indoor-outdoor carpet.
so, the awkwardness was short-lived, and happily it was taken as a great comical feat. now everyone in that room will remember me--if not by my actual name, then by a pretty little nickname: "Pregnant Freshman girl." eh, i'll take what i can get.


Kelsey let me come over to use her SLR camera AND use her kids as subjects. Thanks Kels. Cutie-patootie -- as in your kids, well, you are too, but, yeah...


Charlie, Rora and the twins watching "Curious George" in their diapers.
I'm gonna have to give this idea another try. I realized afterward I was laying in the wrong direction. Anyway, it's ok for now.


Comms. 365 -- Photo Assignment #1 [Weather]
score: 17/18 and a thumbs up from Kedrick

Location: Spanish Fork Kite Festival

This week has been very emotionally/mentally enlightening/tiring. And yes, that sentence in all its muddled glory is a perfect example of just how mind-stretching it was ... yeah, mind-stretching.

Things learned this week:
1) Be more light-hearted and flirtatious around guys so they aren't intimidated by me.
2) "I own the world" -- Don't fear the unknown, go for it and most likely you'll conquer.
3) Music and family bring instantaneous happiness when I'm bummed out.
-- "Good Morning Life" by Dean Martin
-- "Everything" by Michael Buble
-- "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by James Taylor
-- "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" by Frank Sinatra
-- "For Once in my Life" by Harry Connick, Jr.

Prize Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the prizes me, Mom and Dad won at "Bananas" in Grand Junction when I was there in Colorado. 90 tickets = 6 pirates. Amazing, yes?

#1 -- As you can see, a brawl is taking place between the pirates. The weaponless pansy in blue went down first, naturally.

#2 -- After the brawl, the witch doctor came along and brought the blue pansy back to life. They all became friends and had a good time in the hot tub. (Dad came up with that, he's so creative.)

#3 -- Dad was playing the batting cages. [He was batting. For some reason I had to clarify that because when I first typed it I had this image of Dad running around the enclosed area, dodging balls as they flew out of the pitching machines, with his arms up in the air laughing hysterically. Very uncharacteristic of Dad, but nonetheless, possible]. So, anyway, me and Mom got the pirates out again and had a couple more battles. The blue pansy always died first. That's what you get for dropping your sword into the sea. Ariel probably has it by now in her little "cave of secrets." Psh, honey, that secret was out a WHILE ago.


what an awesome week! here's why...

~new deodorant that actually works
~a 22 page letter from a near complete stranger
~hecka fun classes/wide open schedule/having Adam in 3 of those classes
~playing softball, and although losing by 8, having a wicked awesome time
~playing with Conner, Charlie, Aurora and the twins
~my parents
~going to the temple and doing 15 names! not just 2 or 3 like usual
~my roommate Sarah
~a clean apartment
~sweatshirt weather
~James Taylor/Fantasia/Carbon Leaf/Death Cab for Cutie
~my scooter
~my siblings
~no boys/no drama/no need
~smiling strangers
~a new National Geographic
~meeting a new friend because he helped fix my bookshelf as it collapsed in front of his apartment. (he's now totally infatuated with my roommate. good thing he's too short for me.)
~water and granola bars
~Sensuous Sandwich
~British accents
~et cetera...Even my hair looks awesome this week! ;o)



Pretty much the best movie ever captured on my camera. Sorry Cath. Ha ha ha ha!

[Fruita, CO -- Elizabeth and Kammie trying to get a tennis ball into the gutter hole in the side of the elementary school.]