Pride and Prejudice, Act I Scene 6

And this is what we do in the wee-hours of the morning on Thursdays in Fruita...


Little Women, Uncut and Remastered

This is what we do on quiet Wednesday nights in Fruita...



Kelsey tagged me...i don't know how i feel about that. oh well, it's good to try everything once, right? well, except for illicit drugs. that didn't turn out too well.

Pick 5 Friends
Friend 1: Stevie
Friend 2: Catherine
Friend 3: Kelsey
Friend 4: Deon
Friend 5: Carly

About Friend 1:

What is their favorite color? Mmm, blue. Well, it was in 4th grade.
When did you meet them? In 4th grade, so about 10 or 11 years ago.
Did you go to high school or middle school with them? yes, and elementary school too. we're tight.
Are they a big flirt? yeah, but in a down-to-earth way. she's awesome.
Do they dance? yeah, stevie is an amazing dancer. stake dances were 10 times better when she came.

About Friend 2:

Have you ever had a dream about them? yeah, those dreams are the funniest. although none come to mind right now...
Where do they live? Fruita, CO--unfortunately for me.
Have you ever heard them sing? yes, of course. she told me today that i'm the only person she really sings along to songs around.
What is your favorite thing about them? she's hilarious and really sweet.
Why is that your favorite? because she's my best friend and we could do anything or nothing and have an awesome time. she makes me feel good.

About Friend 3:

What color are their eyes? blue/gray/green/hazel. they change.
Do you love them? yeah, i have to, she's my sister. j/k.
When was the last time you saw them? too long ago--nearly 2 weeks ago.
What is their favorite color? turquoise or yellow--that's what i remember from when i was little.
Would you kiss them? no, weird. "como se dice, 'awkward'?"

About Friend 4:

Are they even your friend? yeah, she's my sister!
When was the last time you saw them in person? about 1 hour ago. she went to bed.
Are you two best friends? one of them, yes!
Do you borrow each others clothes? yeah. well, most of the time she just gives me her old clothes.
Do they have any pets? no, they had a guinea pig for a week or so and then the vacuum got clogged...

About Friend 5:

Is she married? no, not yet.
Have you ever worked with them? yeah, i trained her before she took my job cuz i moved.
Have they ever been to your place? well, not my current place, but we pretty much grew up in each other's houses.
Did you ever have a crush on the same person? haha, yes! Brian Cleaver, back in 6th grade. that could've been the end of our friendship, but luckily he didn't like either of us so we moved on.
Are you related to them? no, not blood related. but we're practically sisters.


something i saw on facebook that my friend had done. i've got time, so i'll post my own answers here--for you--lucky...

only use one word for each answer...

Where is your cell phone? near.
Your significant other? who?
Your hair? brittle.
Your brother? Michigan.Your sister? sleeping.
Your favorite thing? family.
Your dream last night? lame.
Your favorite beverage? milk
Your dream/goal? NG (National Geographic.)
The room you're in? quiet.
Your ex(es)? awkward.
Your fear? loss.
In 10 years? mommy.
Where were you last night? Fruita.
What you're not? datable.
Muffins? chocolate.
One of your wish list items? Honda.
Where you grew up? westside.The last thing you did? blink.
What are you wearing? band-aid.
Your TV? off.
Your pets? dinner.
Your computer? MacBook.
Your life? awesome.
Your mood? content.
Missing someone? Clifts.
Your car? totalled.Something you're not wearing? underwear. (j/k)
Favorite Place? bed.
Your summer? shveet.
Love someone? Ferb.
favorite color? red.
Last time you laughed? Conner.
Last time you cried? joyful.

Before I die...

-go sky diving
-see Big Ben
-see the Eiffel Tower
-see the pyramids
-go to the Sacred Grove
-publish a book
-meet the prophet
-meet someone "worldly" famous
-try on jewelry at Tiffany's
-go to the top of the Space Needle
-swim in the Dead Sea
-see the Great Barrier Reef
-go on a mission
-visit all U.S. temples' grounds
-hike the Y (completed May 2007)
go into Central Park
-go to the Olympics
-play with a monkey
-ride a train
-go snowboarding
-ride a Tandem bike
-work in a big city (Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston...)
-get a 91% or above at the Testing Center (completed February 2007, Physcial Science 100, 93%)
see the Northern Lights
-go REAL rock climbing
-eat at Beto's
-eat at J-Dawgs (completed April 2007)
-sleep under the stars
-dance in the rain
-eat a pomegranate
-drink pomegranate juice (completed February 2007)
-go to Four-Corners
-learn to dive
-run a 5k
-go scuba diving
-learn to break dance
-learn to ballroom dance
-swim in the Atlantic Ocean
-eat cheese in Wisconsin
-donate blood (completed July 2007)
do 5 curl-ups at one time
-sing "Meet Me In St. Louis" in St. Louis
-see a Broadway play (completed May 2008)
-learn a language fluently (almost completed, ASL, August 2008)
-learn to use a Mac (completed December 2007)
-fly a plane
-graduate from college
-have something published in National Geographic
-learn to do a cart-wheel
-get married
-have kids, etc...


My brother Gabe is one talented chap. He painted this on his boys' bedroom wall just for kicks. I can't remember who's who--as in, if Tucker is Luigi or Mario and which one that leaves Hayden to be. Anyway, I'm quite impressed.

i hurt BOTH of my hands yesterday. i didn't realize my right hand was hurt until this morning though. see, yesterday morning mom, dad and i went to Bananas fun park. we went on the go-karts where i got whip lash from slamming into the back of dad's kart when we had to stop for a incompetent driver who'd spun out of control and was blocking the track. seriously, the engines are taken from a Wal-Mart lawn mower and she managed to lose control. pathetic. that wasn't how i hurt my hand though. after that we went on the bumper boats. bad idea. they have squirt guns on the front of each of the boats so you can soak other riders. i yelled at at least 3 different boys to quit squirting me. Boy #1: "I'm gonna get you!" Me: Quit it. Seriously. No, for reals, kid, stop it! I'm SERIOUS!" Boy #2: "Hey! Everyone! It's boys against girls! Ready? GO!" Me: "I'm not playing. Seriously. Kid, I'm serious. I'm not playing. Stop." (At this point I was thinking, "Yeah, I'll play boys against girls once we're both out of these confounded boats and you realize I'm 3 feet taller than you and can shove you into the bumper boat lake. You won't be laughing THEN, now will you?") anyway, that wasn't how i hurt my hand either.
After getting soaked and losing half my mascara as it ran down my face, me and dad went to the batting cages. i haven't hit a softball in two years, so either i've forgotten how to hold a bat or the bat was a piece of crap... ha ha, that rhymed and i think it was the second thing. so i hit 25 balls and had to stop 3 times to let the feeling come back into my hand--after the pain went away. i guess the muscles in my hand didn't like all the beating, so over night they tightened up to about half size while inflaming to twice the size. not fun. so i hurt my hand yesterday but didn't know it until this morning....long story.
oh, onto the other hand. i was making bracelets out of embroidery floss yesterday, cutting the pieces with fabric sheers. instead of putting the scissors away, i stuck them between my knees and managed to slide my palm along the tip. it wasn't bad enough to lacerate my hand, but it kind of perferated it so that it popped open later. painful? yes. bloody? not so much. lucky me. ha, lucky you. can you imagine the image i could create for you with that? sweet.

oh, we got some sweet prizes from the tickets we got from skee-ball and spider-squasher. i won't ruin the surprize though, i'll post pictures later.


School Shopping -- Gosney style

Rule #1, instilled in us at birth (or as soon as we are washed clean of blood and embryonic fluid and fitted with a half-price onesie): Full-priced items are unacceptable. If it's not on sale now, you can wait to buy it until it is.

Rule #2: Steer clear of the "in-style" pieces. they'll be out of style faster than BYU couple's engagement. Classics. that's the way us Gosney's role. bargain priced classics, to be more correct.

it is now a natural instinct to head straight to the clearance racks--forget the manikins sporting the latest styles, who says they're in style, anyway? oh, ok, well, the magazines, but whatever. pretend they don't exist and make a bee-line to the 75% off piles of mismatched shirts and pants. although at first glance it would seem the only things in said piles are size -4 jeans with gun-toting butterflies embroidered on the back pockets, 36W stretchy pants, extra long sweatshirts with flower and teddy bear iron-ons, and puke-yellow velvet exercise suits, there are some great finds buried deep beneath the waste of fabric that even Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wouldn't wear. and to prove it, i will list what i was able to buy this week, all on clearance and all more or less "classic," so there's no need to fret about whether the navy blue shirt is LAST year's navy blue or THIS year's.

white button-down blouse -- $14
dark green/cream patterned, short sleeved blouse -- $14
faded black/red/white striped button-down -- $6
turquiose sleeveless dress -- $7
black sweater -- $5
pink sweater -- $5
khaki trousers -- $7
green/white long sleeved tee -- $7
blue/white long sleeved tee -- $7

contributing stores: GAP, JCPenny, Sears, Christopher&Banks

and you know what's amazing about all this? we never LOOKED cheap. my mom dressed us well and didn't spend tons of money. the only time i looked cheap was when i got into junior high and high school and started buying more of my own clothes and looked like a boy or a bum--or a boy bum. so i'm not disrespecting my parents for their school clothes shopping habits, no, i'm very grateful to them. well, my dad didn't have quite the same skills-- he tried to make me buy boy's shoes and clothes a couple times because they were cheaper than the girls' stuff. psh, and my mom blames ME for me being to boyish. psh. puh. psh!

i'm still looking for a charcoal gray zip-up sweatshirt and some brown ballet flats, but i'm sure i'll find them in the back corners of some store soon, behind the polyester tie-dye halter tops and white denim jumpers.

(my favorite part is her puffy velvet head band. wow.)


some old news and some new news (did that sound redundant? i can't figure out why... oh wait.)

old news: i finally got all the pictures from The Daily Universe that i've been waiting for--kinda my own fault though, since i just didn't have the patience to go through them all and pick out the good ones. here are two pictures from the "Breaking Dawn" release party.

Kelsey, drinking blood. no wonder she felt sick later.

these guys were at the party, for reals. they dressed up, but obviously were at the wrong party. they said they had been wandering around campus, jumping out of bushes and scaring people and decided to take a break. they had the best costumes at the party.

new news: "Twilight" the movie is coming out 3 weeks earlier. oh sweet!

other stuff...

i'm making a quilt. the sewing machine hates me. and i hate it.

the Olympics are pretty awesome, but if any more of the Chinese benefit from the lame judges i'm gonna shoot someone--preferably the judges. good thing gymnastics are over, cuz that was the worst.

Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon out there, and i find myself falling for Ferb just because of his British accent--have you seen Ferb? he's certainly no Demeatri, that's why it's a shocker. mmm mmm mmm. (Ferb is on the right.)

i like this song.


Catherine, Kelsey and me in GAP trying on the scarves. Kelsey said the sales lady was giving us dirty looks. Sorry lady, I can't afford a $19.50 piece of fabric, no matter how soft and cute.

I came home to Colorado yesterday and plan to stay for over 2 weeks. I'm pretty stoked. I'm an only child right now, and you can only imagine how awesome that is. It might be less awesome if I was an only child on a dairy farm and trash compacting site. I do not play nicely with cows or trash, let alone combined. But seeing as how there are no cows in the vicinity and my parents are loaded now, it's plush. Nay, ultra-plush.
Here's what I did today: Woke up at 10:30 a.m. Played the piano for an hour. Organized my bedroom closet, ate lunch and talked to mom, wasted a couple hours in a drunken stupor, played "SET" with dad (and beat him, hahaha), and watched the Olympics. Whew, busy day, I know.

I wish I had something funny to report. After reading Catherine's blog, I realize I'm seriously lacking.

Mmm, nope. I got nothin'.

Enjoy the pictures. I'll be enjoying free food, a car, and doing absolutely nothing.


until i post more photos from this past week, check out my photography blog (link to the right) and be sure to watch Michael Phelps make history at the Bejing Olympics again Thursday night (for us in Utah it'll be Thursday, for him it'll be Friday morning) in the 200m IM medley; Friday night in the 100m butterfly; and the eighth and greatest (i'm sure), 4x400m medley relay on Saturday night.

"Hahahahahahaha, EAT THAT FRENCHIES!!" --Michael Phelps ... what he was thinking, anyway.

(i picked this picture especially for you kelsey. enjoy. ;o) haha.)


today we decided to try our luck at the Provo Farmer's Market. Kelsey, Catherine and Kathy sold a good amount of stuff, although they still didn't turn a profit (sorry girls). but they did better than me. i sold one photo, a little wallet size one, for $1. Then I bought a $0.50 bookmark from a little girl and then a $2 tamale and one for my friend too. So now i'm in the whole with a hurt pride because no one wanted my photos. pu huh huh... j/k, I wasn't going to make a profit or boost my self-esteem (please, I already know I'm awesome). I had a good time. Next time we'll get a better selling spot and then we'll be the talk of the town.

"I need to find me a new selling spot. With all the fake crips all the street, a real crip don't got a chance; Try Bridle Alley or the harbor; Try Central Park, it's guaranteed; Try any banker, bum or barber. They almost all knows how to read."

We started out Farmer's Market adventure with a midnight trip to Denny's the night before.

We had a lot of people sampling the stuff and complimenting it. Well people, compliments don't equal profits, now do they? Jeez.

I would buy my photographs. I think they're good. At least my mom said she'd buy one from me. Mom's are good for things like that. ;o)

Me and Lilly chillin' in the shade waiting for the sales that never came for my photography.


i love my roommate Judy. and here's why:
i got home from seeing "The Incredible Hulk" tonight with Catherine, Ben and Thomas J. (such a great movie, by the way), and when I walked into the back of the apartment, Judy yelled out from behind her closed bedroom door, "Elizabeth?! Is that you? How are you? Come here, I want to see you." we talked a bit and she shared some of her 22-year-old wisdom with me (you think i'm being sarcastic, but i'm not. she's a very wise 22-year-old) and then i said goodnight. before i could leave though, she said to me,
"wow, Elizabeth, when some guy takes a likin' to you and you like him back, it's gonna be steller. i can see it now. he's gonna be tall, broad shouldered and a little bit shy. he's gonna be the kind of ripped that isn't noticeable until he takes his shirt off to go swimming. he's gonna listen to you and talk to you a lot. and you two are gonna have fun, lots of fun. and he's gonna carry you around. yeah, that's right, carry you around and treat you like a princess. and you better tell me when it happens because i can see it all right now."
and then Judy made her awesomeness more concrete by saying what i've been searching to say for over a year about a boy who took advantage of my friendship and trust.
"damn him," she said.
and with such conviction and sincerity in her voice, i couldn't help but smile at her loyalty to me. yeah, i second that damning.
and that is why i love my roommate Judy.


I can't wait to die so I can hang out for eternity with all these awesome people I'm related to.

Joyce Roberts (my great-aunt)

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts (they aren't dead, but i thought this picture was hecka cute. plus, i still wanna hang out with them when we're all dead.)

Teresa Roberts, my great-great aunt, i think. (i'm pretty sure she's my great-grandpa Rex's sister. wait, maybe not. maybe she's just my great aunt ... i don't know, but she's gotta be cool, look at that bike!)


There's been a lot of talk about Jonas Brothers lately, specifically amongst my family, asking why they're so popular. I decided to investigate. I happened upon this video, and holy cow, it's hecka funny. I'm a fan.


ASL 201 -- 5 minute video assignment (or, in my long-winded case, 7 minutes):


I realize few, if any, of you will understand this video. But I thought it'd be fun to post anyway. This is me signing for my ASL 201 class. Just for kicks, take a guess as to what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll give a prize to the person who can give me the most detail. Enjoy. Oh, and don't worry about the volume. ;o)


8 Thoughts

1) "Breaking Dawn" = not exceptional. sorry.

2) Trials are good things. It means the Lord trusts you and knows you can not only handle it, but grow from it. (Ether 12:27)

3) Creamery chocolate milk = good. 1/2 Creamery chocolate milk + 1/2 Creamery skim milk = better.

4) "You're not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you've met, she's not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other." --Good Will Hunting

5) the future doesn't scare me, the future should be cowering the in the corner at the thought of how hard i will attack it, and enjoy it.

6) sign language is beautiful.

7) i look good in my red and orange flowered shirt and black stretchy pants. dang good.

8) the media doesn't tell you about life, it controls your life. don't believe me? that's because the media doesn't want you to know.