You know you're content with life when you see engagement and wedding photos of your friends and feel complete joy in their happiness and absolutely no jealousy. It says even more when you can smile and want to hug your old crush and his fiance because you're so happy for them and are no longer bitter and what he did to you.
           I'm excited for the mail this week. I will be getting "Volume 1" by She and Him, "Across the Universe" music from the motion picture, and last but not least, a set of three musicals on DVD -- "Meet Me in St. Louis," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", and "The Music Man." I'm so glad my mom raised me on classic musicals. There's nothing better than seeing Esther Smith kiss John Truett, watching a girl named Dorcas get married to one of the Pontipee brothers, and listen for the best line of the film said by Mrs. Mackechnie Shinn: "It's a smutty book." 

          Life is good with a popped collar, dark hair and worn out Vans. Life is good.


Do you ever have those days where you're happy for no apparent reason? You run around, confident and friendly, saying witty things and trying new things just because you can? Today was one of those days. I guess my happiness may be attributed to the fact that I got a 98% on a 55-question final that I took in five minutes, and that the sun was shining and I got to ride my scooter. Oh, and my hair was looking pretty good and I had a pink bandana wrapped around my head -- Rambo, Bruce Springstein, Jimi Hendrix, West Side Story-style. I guess I actually had some apparent reasons to be happy. 
Anyway, I somehow managed to kill my ecstasy by watching a cruddy movie, making a snide and inappropriate comment to my roommates boyfriend, and wishing for something that I can't have right now but am getting my hopes up for. Shoot. 
So, I guess the point of this is to remind myself, and any other poor soul who has subjected them self to this post, to think before you speak, think before you watch a questionable movie, and then don't think too hard about -- things you have little or no control over -- at the moment. Bah. 


I was just thinking about all the missionary friends I have. There's a lot of them, and most of them I write letters to rather consistently. Whether I get a letter back in return is not as certain.

[left in 2007]
Felipe Zurita Quintana - Sacramento, CA [Spanish speaking] -------> 
Kyle Rencher - Leeds, England
Kyle Hollenback - Fukuoka, Japan
Jacob Smart - Houston, TX
Doug Pinkal - Budapest, Hungary

[left in 2008]
Brian Cleaver - Taiwan
Zac Williams - Argentina
Cody de la Rosa - Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Jessica Schumacher - Malaga, Spain

[leaving soon] 
Calvin Roberts - London, England
Noah Robins - Dominican Republic

[Other friends on missions that I don't write]
Scott Manning - California
Zac Workman - Indianapolis, IN
Bobby Morris - Brazil
Elan English - Colorado
Ben Rencher - Mexico


Songs that never fail to make me smile:

Penny Lane - The Beatles
Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear - Harry Nilsson
How Sweet It Is - James Taylor
You've Got a Friend - James Taylor
For Once in My Life - Harry Connick, Jr.
1000 Things - Jason Mraz
Music Box - Regina Spektor
Hotel Song - Regina Spektor
Love Don't Come Easy -
Tower of Sand - Chris Merritt
Audrey and Eli - Canoe
Heaven Forbid - Good Morning Maxfield
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Ebony Eyes - Stevie Wonder
The Fox - Nickelcreek

[to be continued ... ]

p.s. happy birthday mom!

wicked awesome.

in a little over three weeks i will be in new york city. my sister, deon, needs help moving out there for the summer. but i won't be lifting boxes, i'll be lifting two little boys--my nephews. so, deon and dillan bought my plane ticket and also a ticket to see "Wicked" in the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway! i haven't been this excited about something in a long time. i've wanted to see "Wicked" ever since i saw the book in Target five years ago. and now i get to see it on Broadway? wow. 
i want to go to Central Park too. i was in NYC two years ago but i never made it to Central Park. just Time's Square, Yankee Stadium and a really expensive Chinese restaurant. i'm so excited. 


i have a scooter. it's blue and shiny and has been my transportation since i totalled my car last september. i had to get a temporary motorcycle permit to legally drive the thing during the day. the permit is good for six months. within those six months you have to make an appointment and take a drive test at the DOL to be able to get a real license (laminated, colored, allows me to drive at midnight if i want...). well, i didn't do that and my license expired a week ago. i need to get it renewed, but i'm a twenty minute drive from the DOL and, as i said, my license is expired. 
despite my pleas to my family, none of them were able to drive me (kids and husbands sure get in the way of them serving me, j/k...kinda). so, i decided to be independent and rebellious and drive to the DOL on my scooter with an expired license. i decided last night to do it, and while i was saying my prayers i felt so guilty. it was pre-meditated unlawful action. but i shoved my conscience into the corner and went to sleep. this morning as i pulled on my black biker jacket and took my helmet down from the closet shelf, i again felt like i was about to go shoot a dog with a bb gun. and again i ignored the feeling and went out to my scooter. 
parked next to the dumpster, my scooter is exposed to the elements. it rained yesterday, so i brushed off the water, sat down, (still soaked my pants), inserted the key into the ignition, held down the break with my left hand, pushed the spark and pulled my right hand back to rev the engine. in a pathetic attempt to start, my little scooter scraped and hacked and then squeaked in defeat. 
"no biggy," i thought. that happens every time i use my scooter after i've left it for a few days. so i tried again. more squeaking and hacking, no starting. third times a charm.... ok, not so much. i tried again, and again, and again. around 10 times i tried and each attempt made the engine whimper out with even less umph than the attempt prior. 
i started laughing amid my frustration. this was no coincidence. Heavenly Father was physically stopping me from breaking the law since His earlier mental promptings were ignored. He's good. 
so, here i am, sitting at my kitchen table. i'm still wearing my jacket and i'm still without a license. i guess i'll just have to wait. 
i've had to resign myself to that conclusion a lot lately: wait. 
stinkin' scooter.


I know a girl who loves to compliment people. She mostly, (ok, always) focuses on clothes and hair. Every time I see her, the first thing out of her mouth is, "I love your hair!" or "Is that a new outfit? It looks great." I laugh (mostly inwardly) when she compliments something I'm wearing when I look like I just went through child birth and survived small pox. One day I want to do an experiment where I wear the nastiest clothes I own (which won't be hard to find), rat out my hair and smell like a barrel of refuse. I want to see what she could possibly pick out about me to compliment. I don't doubt that she would find something though, and say it with all the sincerity she can muster.
The other day I passed her as she was running to class. She was in a major hurry, yet as she whipped passed me she was still able to say, "You look so beautiful!" After she passed I smiled to myself. I wondered if she meant it, or if it was just a habit now. But then it occurred to me what she was doing was amazing. She made sure to compliment people all the time, no matter what they looked like. Her first inclination when she saw someone was to pick out what was beautiful about them. That is very commendable. Maybe some people think she is fake and don't take what she says seriously (that would be me, most of the time) but she still made me smile. She might not have boosted my self-esteem but she did brighten my day with her chipperness (i guess that's not really a word...). That too is commendable.
I think she is very aware of what she is doing, thus she continues to do it.
Good for her. Many people do things to help people and they're not aware of their affect. That's cool, but I think some people discontinue actions because they are unaware of their influence. She knows what she's doing is enjoyable for all involved (in some form or another). She makes me smile, both for her compliments when they are in their sincerest forms, and for those times where she struggles to finally find the pink ribbon in my hair and say how cute it is.
I used to despise insincere people, and often times I will still avoid them, but now I find them a form of immense pleasure. And how ironic that they often sincerely try to find something to be insincere about.

i dare you to compliment this...