Feeling creative on a Saturday night.


in due time = not your time
in due time = in the Lord's time
in due time = right before you're clinically insane
in due time = when you're primed
in due time = never when you plan
in due time = the best time (in the long run)
in due time = the biggest patience test i've ever been subjected to.

"The very essence of romance is uncertainty." 
--the importance of being ernest. 
{now replace romance with life.}


i'm a happy person. i pride myself in trying to find the humor in situations. in fact, i often get myself into trouble for laughing at times that are completely inappropriate. i don't like to be sad, although i don't mind having a lack of emotion in which i don't have to smile, frown, cry, yell, throw-up or eat my words. i like to talk a lot sometimes, depending on the company or the events or thoughts i'm expressing. but other times i'd much rather be silent (and in addition, have everyone else be silent also.) my mind swirls with ideas, responsibilities, expectations, relationships, plans and many other things. but that's only on some days. other days my mind is seemingly blank. i don't think about anything except staying alive and i don't retain anything presented to me unless it slaps me across the face with the awesomeness of it all. some days i want nothing else except to be married and settled. and then a moment later i will be thanking my lucky stars that i'm single and get to do anything and everything i want because i'm only required to think of myself. i often think i'm so average and so typical that i will be forgotten the second my coffin closes. and then there are times i think that everyone will want to hear my ideas and get into my head and i will be remembered for hundreds of years to come, with high school students learning about my life and sitting in awe of what i accomplished. when people ask me to describe myself in one word, i can't answer them. i need at least two. because even if i said, "opposites," i would need to say, "sometimes opposites." that's just how i roll... most of the time.

Good Morning Maxfield

these guys are great. i've interviewed the lead singer, Stuart, twice for different articles. really chill guys and great music. check, check, check it out.

Photo and song pulled from their website: www.goodmorningmaxfield.com


i love being a journalist. 
that can be taken either sarcastically or seriously. either will work, depending on the day.
maybe i'll just become a bum and have people interview me! wait, no.
or maybe, yeah, maybe i'll just get married. then i'll never have to work. yep, that's the answer. ;o)
hmmm, i guess i'll just have to think this over ... as I study for my two tests and prepare for my five + interviews next week. yeah, that'll help clear my mind. haha. not.
Life was easier when all i wanted to be was a cave-woman. whatever made me change my mind? the bow, maybe?


At the hospital visiting Kelsey, Jemma and Lilly.

Twin Nieces

Jemma Opal and Lillyanna Jo were born to Kelsey Jo and Ben on the 15th of March. They came by C-section early in the morning, Kelsey lost a lot of blood, Lilly went into the NICU with respiratory problems, and Jemma was fine. Kelsey and Lilly are doing much better and Jemma is still good. They are not identical medically speaking, nor do they look that much alike. Lilly is definitely chubbier. 
(Lilly is on the left, Jemma on the right)


The art of avoiding eye contact has reached a whole new level of skill. I was riding my scooter today around the outer rim of campus. I saw a kid in my ward coming towards me on his bike. I was prepared with a smile and even a shout "Hello!" if only he would look at me. Nope. I was not given the honor of his acknowledgment. He was able to glance off to the side of the street from the time I looked at him until I had passed him. It was probably a good seven seconds, and he didn't swerve off the rode or into oncoming traffic. It was incredible! I looked behind me with a chuckle of disbelief and saw his head facing directly forward. Wow, what a huge coincidence that he lost interest in the trees lining the road at the same moment he was safely out of my line of vision. Pathetic. So pathetic. It's not like I was going to make him late for class by stopping to talk to him, and it wasn't one of those circumstances when you're walking towards someone and you have to make eye contact for 15 seconds while saying hi and asking how they are before passing them, making a funny face at how foolish you feel, and looking at your feet for the rest of your walk home. Why do people fear the passing-hello? Just another example, along with txt messaging and Facebook, of how communication between humans is crumbling. 


My roommate came home from classes today as I was getting ready for the day. With enthusiasm and joy she stated, "It is so beautiful outside!" My immediate response was, "Yeah, but it's cold." I am not a morning person--rather, I'm not a person you talk to with anything but a mumbled, half-conscious tone within the first hour I've been awake, regardless of the time of day. Anyway, she was right, it was quite pretty outside. The sun was shining in all it's late winter glory and the skies were bright blue and spotted with puffy white clouds. If I hadn't opened the front door and stretched the upper part of my body into the open air to get the newspaper I wouldn't have known how deceitful Mother Nature was being. Sunny? Yes. Warm? Oh, heeeeck no. So before leaving for my frightfully early 11 a.m. class, I gracefully yanked on a peacoat over my hoodie in attempts to ward off the biting wind of central Utah. I was still cold walking on campus, which made me feel a mix of sympathy and disgust for 
those walking around in shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts. They are just too eager for spring to come, and in consequence, they will lose several toes and several dollars in lotion to bring the moisture back into their chapped skin. Believe me, I would love to be rid of this 10 degree weather, but I'm not going to try and make a statement to Mother Nature by wearing clothes totally unsuited for the current season. For one, she can't see you, she can't hear you, oh yeah, she's just a personification of a natural phenomenon we like to blame for our ugly winter coats and soaking jeans. And second, don't be an idiot. We have wonderful technology (albeit, not always accurate) that predicts the weather. "Really?" you ask. Really, really. Be patient, my summer loving friends, warmth will soon be restored to this continent. But until then, use your excuse to stay grumpy in your ugly boots, lint-covered coats and extremely attractive hat hair. 
Bah, humbug. 
p.s. Happy Birthday Deon!