i like to be forwarned when i'm about to go into a 3 hour movie. i was prepared for "Harry Potter" 1-5, i was prepared for "Lord of the Rings" 1-3. but "Flower Drum Song" when i was 11? no. and the latest, "Australia"? it could've been over after an hour and 20 minutes. it was a good movie, yes, but sooooooo loooooong. i kept having flash backs of the torture "Wall-E" ensued and the fear of bedsoars from sitting for so long.
one thing i will say though, cowboys just jumped up a notch on the attractive scale. mmm, mmm.

what's the big deal about New Years Eve? you stay up all night, get sick on all sorts of junk, and watch 4 hours of mediocre to really crappy television just to watch a shiny ball drop and confetti fly in front of the camera. the only thing that makes me want to keep watching is Ryan Seacrest. i mean, he's the best thing since Dick Clark, am i right?

i got new shoes. i like them. i probably like them more because i see them on other people who i think are cool. i never said i wasn't a non-conformist.


Because Thomas was sick and couldn't come
with us to Disneyland and California Adventure,
I recorded a couple of the rides for him. Here's
my favorite Disneyland ride, Big Thunder Mountain.

video video

And here's Matterhorn. It was kind of nerve racking
because I was watching my camera, not the track,
so I wasn't paying attention to where the turns were
or where the Abominable Snowman was.

Merry Christmas!

"It is good to be a child sometimes,
and never better than at Christmas,
when its mighty founder was a
child Himself."

- Charles Dickens


Some Quotes in Relation to My Thoughts Today:

"What others think of us would be of little moment did it not, when known, so deeply tinge what we think of ourselves."
--Paul Valery

"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing."
--William Shakespeare

"When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet."
--Stanislaw J. Lec

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with a few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
--George Washington


Two Lists:

"Sorry, that's actually not my name..."
[names i've been called by mistake]
-Catherine (they didn't know my sister's name was Catherine, weird!)
-Lizzy (they learned quickly that my name is only Lizzy according to my sisters, nephews and nieces. haha)

"Travelin' Woman"
[not that i've gone anywhere this year, but the way i've gotten no where has varied]
-12 passenger van
-6 passenger van
-golf cart


I ran across this article about how the Disney Channel characters are planning on spending Christmas (can you tell it's the last day of classes today and I'm already done with three of five classes for the semester?) Anyway, this was my favorite, of course.

What are your plans for the holidays?
Phineas: We try not to think too far in advance, but I'm sure presents will be involved ... And possibly a rocket powered sleigh of some kind.

Where will you celebrate the holidays?
Phineas: There's no better place than our back yard.

Do you and your family follow any traditions during the holidays?
Phineas: We try to make the absolute most out of every day of our winter vacation.

What is your favorite holiday dish?
Phineas: Ferb likes some weird British thing that Dad makes called "Tatties and Neeps."

Ferb: It's just potatoes and turnips.

Phineas: Like I said, weird.

What is your favorite holiday decoration?
Phineas: We'll let you know when we're done building it. Ferb could you hand me that socket wrench?

Do you have a favorite holiday song/movie?
Phineas: Favorite song would have to be "Deck the Halls," because it can so easily be taken to the extreme.

Do you have any special holiday memories?
Phineas: Any holiday memory is special. But there was that one Christmas dinner when Ferb told this joke that was so funny, Neeps came out of my nose. Or maybe it was Tatties.

What gifts do you hope to receive?
Phineas: If we say, then we might not get them. Were you trying to trick us, or did you just not know the rules?

What is the best gift you've ever received?
Phineas: Ferb and I got matching sweaters one year, that was pretty cool. Mom embroidered Perry in a Santa hat on both of them ... Oh, and Ferb got me an arc welder, but that was for Boxing Day.

If you could spend the holidays anywhere, where would you spend it and with whom?
Phineas: Well, I think Ferb and I would always spend it together with the rest of the family, here in Danville.

"Julia" -- by Limbeck

Something to help you realize how many good songs you have on your computer...

A. Put your iTunes on shuffle.
B.For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
C. Write down that song, no matter how silly it sounds.

Young Pilgrim
Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning
The Fix Is In
Knowing is Never Enough
9.WHAT IS 2+2?
Bound to Fly
These Apples
Out of My League -- (no joke, that's the one that came up. haha.)
What Goes On
That Time
Sunshine on my Shoulders
The Vineyards
Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care
No Stopping Us
Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Knock-Down Drag-Out
A Long Time Coming
My Life Story
Jesus of Man's Desire
I Changed My Name
It Takes Two
Grapevine Fires
U16 Girls
I Did It All For You
Walking On The Moon


Today is my birthday, but I'm going to talk about Friday.

I went to work on Friday. I had to collect donations for the BYU Rock & Roll Club for the VH1 Save the Music fund. They had Guitar Hero set up to attract people. And it worked. But for some reason everyone that came over to play chose "Rock You Like a Hurricane." I swear, I heard that song 12 times in a row. And when it wasn't playing, the Clogging Club or something was blasting their bagpipe music. Let me tell you, whoever thought bagpipes were a good solo instrument were sorely mistaken. I was 2 minutes away from taking my cash box and smashing their stereo with it.

Also nearby was a UNICEF booth trying to get people to come to a benefit concert. It sounded like a good cause and all, but they've got to understand that people are sick of having fliers shoved at them from every direction. Plus, most don't have the money or time to go to a concert right before finals. But these people were ronchy. If someone didn't take a flier, even if they respectfully refused, they would start talking about the person, saying they were so inconsiderate and selfish. Then, in attempts to get people to take the fliers, they'd say, "If you don't go to this concert, you hate children! You are killing children!" They thought it was funny. I thought it was obnoxious and unattractive.

There was a girl who donated to the charity, but she was a marching band member--a clarinet player. She said, "I'm not a fan of guitars." I don't think we'd be friends.

Here at BYU, students are here for two reasons: to get an education (hopefully) and find a spouse. Any other reason they give you, which are rare indeed, are probably completely false. Don't believe them. I love learning, I think everyone knows that about me, so we won't discuss that. Plus, the topic of dating and the like is so much more interesting. As I was sitting at the booth collecting money on Friday, multitudes of people passed my view. With the girls, I looked at their hair, their accessories and their shoes and assessed what I liked about their style and I could consider copying (please, who really has a "unique" style? lies.) With the guys, I didn't care what they were wearing. I was looking at their faces, their smiles, their height and build and most importantly, their left hand. It's ridiculous, but so much fun. I feel like Pongo at the beginning of "101 Dalmations." He gazes out his window, analyzing those who pass and if they'd "fit" with him and Roger. It seemed all of them had something wrong and were easily crossed off the list of potentials. And so it is with me. But the longer I am here, the less picky I get with their looks and the longer my list of potentials gets, if even for a moment. Unfortunately, even with the adjustments I've made, it seems all those I could see myself with have a shiny object on their left hand (no, not an iPhone) or happen to be holding another's hand with their right hand. bogus. How did you do it, Pongo?

I was ordering prints of some pictures on Friday at the bookstore when I heard someone nearby say, "Hello Poulsbo!" I jerked up, looking for the source. He was addressing me, but I couldn't think of where exactly I knew him from, let alone his name. In a split second my brain made the connection-- curly hair, white teeth, short, Bainbridge Island, Allie Burt, stake dances--I now knew where I knew him from, he dated Allie Burt before his mission. But his name! Nothing. All that came to mind was, "Kermit." Indeed, that was our nickname for him, but it gave me no clues as to his real name. As the 3 seconds passed where in I could have smoothly covered up my memory lapse with a quick brain connection, my face skewed into an awkward grimace-smile and I was forced to admit I had no idea what his name was. "John, my name is John. And what's your name?" Whew, at least he forgot mine too. All awkwardness could have been put to bed then, but in attempt to make conversation, I chose to admit I had been thinking only of Kermit the Frog when he approached me. "Oh, ha ha.... Yeah, because I called Allie 'Miss Piggy....yeah..." And now what could I say? "Oh, yeah, Allie. She got married while you were on your mission and she's about to have 2 kids. How do you feel about that?" Luckily I shut my mouth before that came out and we said goodbye. I love those three second conversations. Just enough time to make a fool of myself.

Today I was walking to school. It was snowing. What an awful birthday present. But then it melted and all is well, so I am satisfied. I was walking along and I noticed a big purple blob on the sidewalk in my path. Because my bangs were obstructing my vision, it took me until I was standing over it to figure out that it was about a gallon of jam. I don't know what happened, but I laughed. Then I thought about the person whom the jam belonged to. Then I thought about if it had been my jam and if were the strawberry jam my mom makes. And THEN I thought, "Silly Elizabeth, it's not your jam, don't worry." And then I was fine.


I made a book for my friend Erin's birthday. Her and I share the same birthday. I think we're what Anne of Green Gables calls "kindred spirits." Anyway, I took pictures of the pages so I could have a copy of the masterpiece. ;o)

Once upon a time, in a far away land covered in fir trees and gray rain clouds, lived a lovely girl named Erin.
Erin was a saintly sort of girl, all the forest creatures loved her, and her smile made the sun burst through the clouds. But despite her usual pleasant disposition, she was lonely.
All her attempts to find a friend, a human friend, were thwarted by the evil witch of the forest, Elizabethsheba. She was a crazy woman, one we avoid speaking of. Let's continue.
But Elizabethsheba had to move away from home eventually, so she went to a land full of crazy people and nerdy boys where she was accepted. Erin was now free to find a friend--one that spoke English.
The very next day, while gathering herbal medicine for the poor, Erin met a handsome boy named Billy. He was strong, masculine, with curly blond locks that could heal any wound or illness.
Erin's animal friends could see where this was headed, and so they planned an attack! It was as brutal scene. But Erin and Billy conquered the furry feinds. But wait!...
Erin, lovely, perfect Erin, was wounded! One of the deer's antlers had pierced her arm. And as everyone knows, deer tip their antlers with poison. But never fear! Billy's hair was close at hand.
With his huge muscles and sensitive touch, Billy ground up a lock of his hair, mixed it with Kool-Aid and applied it to Erin's fatal wound. And suddenly, the wound was not fatal, for Erin was healed!!
And as Erin smiled, the sun broke through, Billy produced a ring and they were married. It was a lovely ceremony. Elizabethsheba came back to be her maid of honor. She combed her hair and everything.
[RIP Deer with Poison horns; RIP bird #1; RIP bird #2; RIP Rocky the Raccoon.]


Magazine Cover -- Draft #3


My friends Katie and Erik posted 100 random facts about themselves on their blog and I decided I wanted to too. I've actually been thinking about it lately, coming up with random facts about myself I hadn't noticed before. Even though I got that jump start, I think this'll be a work in progress. Here it goes:

1) I don't like socks. I take every opportunity not to wear them.
2) I had a deaf girl in my first grade class (well, she was actually in the class next door) and she had an interpreter signing for her all the time. When their class came to visit our class, I was fascinated and determined to learn ASL. I would do pretend sign when i was little and even acted deaf every once in a while. It took me 12 years after first grade to finally learn ASL for real.
3) I watch the Disney channel and love it.
4) I love High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers.
5) I think guys' hands and smiles are the most attractive parts of their bodies.
6) I have encountered only 2 people with severely annoying laughs, to the point that I don't like them because of it. Both were girls, both at BYU.
7) I have worn the same pants size since the summer before 8th grade.
8) My favorite color is green. But I also like red and purple a lot.
9) I do not own any red clothing. I do own one pair of red shoes.
10) The majority of my t-shirts are blue, green, gray and white.
11) I haven't missed a day of scripture study since September 2002.
12) I have filled around 25 journals.
13) I still do homework on Sunday. woops.
14) I love music, but I have a hard time sitting through orchestra concerts, or any shows without lyrics.
15) I watch three movies over and over again: Little Women, While You Were Sleeping and You've Got Mail. My roommates think those are the only ones i own.
16) Spandex leggings are my favorite thing in the world to wear.
17) I used to want to be just like Lindsey Lohan in "Freaky Friday."
18) Before I fell asleep when I was younger, I'd think about my dream room, dream day, dream boyfriend, etc. Then I found out Catherine would think about really cool adventure stories before she fell asleep and I felt like such a uncreative hack.
19) Sometimes I eat cookies just so I can drink milk.
20) I used to make a big bowl of vegetables for lunch just so I could use the Johnny's seasoning salt on them.
21) I don't ham, except shaved on sandwiches or the honey ham we have a Christmas.
22) I very rarely am in the mood for macaroni and cheese.
23) If I could be another race, I'd be half black and half white.
24) I've often thought I'd be a great dancer if I actually learned. I have a wicked sense of beat.
25) I hate clutter.
26) I'd rather clean the bathroom than the kitchen.
27) I organize stuff as a form of stress relief.
28) I despise the New York Yankees.
29) I am equally happy when it's pouring rain or when it's sunny.
30) I've been out of the country once--to Canada in 10th grade.
31) The best years of my life so far were 2004, 2005 and 2007.
32) I don't really want to be a journalist--I want to be a writer and a mom.
33) Even though I think UGG boots are pretty dang ugly, I think they can be cute at times and I own a pair of knock-offs.
34) I've been to New York City twice but never to Central Park or The Empire State Building.
35) I was not nearly as impressed by the Statue of Liberty as I thought I would be.
36) I often wonder why people are my friends.
37) I take showers at night.
38) I haven't painted my toe nails in probably 6 years. I only paint my fingernails every once in a while, and only with clear polish.
39) I don't own nail-polish remover.
40) If I'm tired at 9 p.m., I find something to do and stay up until at least 11:30 so as to not feel like I'm wasting my night with sleep. Haha.
41) The longest I've slept is 12 hours. It was the night before and day of Thanksgiving, 2004.
42) The longest I've stayed awake was 24 hours, flying to NYC with Deon and the boys.
43) My first crush was in kindergarten. His name was Dennis.
44) My first kiss was in kindergarten. His name was Scotty.
45) My second kiss was in the parking lot of Bagdad High School.
46) I am not a hopeless romantic. I thought I was, but I'm not. I like reading about it and watching movies involving it, but I'm not one myself.
47) My favorite food is green beans.
48) I would love to be a natural brunette.
49) My favorite part of Little Women is when Laurie gives Jo a hug when Beth is sick.
50) My family has been classified as a "non-touchy" group of people, but I enjoy physical contact immensely. (That sounded sort of strange, huh?)
51) My first calling in the church was YW pianist, then Beehive President.
52) I'd rather be too cold than too hot.
53) I have a fear of wide open spaces.
54) I fear suffocating--especially by drowning.
55) My favorite finger is the ring finger on my right hand.
56) I like to tell people I'm ambidextrous even though my left hand penmanship looks slightly better than a kindergartner's.
57) Even though I played lacrosse in high school and was on the state championship team, I cannot remember all the names of the positions, how many players are on the field at one time, or how long the game is timed for.
58) I won a throwing contest when I was 15 at a community carnival. I had the top speed for my age group. I didn't win anything though.
59) I was offered, like, $75 to a drawing I did in 8th grade. I refused the offer and look at the drawing now and think, "What was I thinking not getting rid of this?" and then I think, "What the heck was that guy thinking WANTING this?"
60) Freckles are attractive.
61) Wrinkles, smile lines, and crows feet are attractive.
62) My feet are a size 10.
63) I am 5'6" tall.
64) I had a cat growing up named Tigger. He was completely black. He was originally Catherine's cat, but when she didn't want to feed him one day, I said I would if I could have him. She agreed.
65) I had a card-shuffling contest with Thomas when I was 7. If I didn't shuffle perfectly, I would owe Thomas 10 cents for the rest of my life. According to him, my shuffle was not perfect. And according to me, I never agreed to the 10 cents for life deal. Ha!
66) I was a member of at least 4 clubs during elementary school, made up by friends and family--Galaxy Club, Jump Rope Club, Friendship Club (?) and another one that broke off of the Friendship Club when I disagreed with the direction they were going, as well as their code of ethics and play-time schedule.
67) During 3rd grade I played wall-ball every recess with Justin, Jason and Reese. I learned to swear then too.
68) During second grade recess, I was the mom, Jason was the dad and Justin was the kid. We played house in the big metal dome. Jason was a jerk. I think I divorced him.
69) In 5th grade we were combined with a 6th grade class. I was friends with the coolest 6th graders, had the nick-name of "Dan Druff" (not because of a scalp condition, but because other kids had nick-names of "Amanda Huginkiss" and "I.P. Freely") and was in a long feud with my best friend, Stevie, over whether or not I was going to be her friend, or the 6th graders. Some how I got both.
70) I tricked Stevie into believing my uncle worked with N'SYNC and I got to meet them all and get their autographs. She stopped believing me when she compared Lance's signiture with one in People Magazine.
71) Skinny pants are a crime. Those who wear them are just fooling themselves.
72) I sleep on my right side on top of my covers with a quilt.
73) I've been to DisneyLand twice but never been on "It's a Small World."
74) I would love to live in London or Seattle, in a rooftop flat/apartment.
75) I think the occasional whiff of the city (aka, cigarette smoke, gasoline, rain) is refreshing.
76) I've had several dreams about smoking.
77) If I could choose anything about the Word of Wisdom to break, I'd choose to drink. I don't know why, but I've always thought a bottle of wine at dinner looked classy. Beer? Not so much. Don't worry though, I hae no intentions of ever drinking.
78) I did not graduate from seminary. (I graduated from high school early).
79) I have the occasional impulse to pull the fire alarm in the Brimhall Building.
80) The most money I've ever spent at one time (actually had the money, no loans) was $1100, on my MacBook. Next in line was $900 on my scooter.
81) I love listening to people's stories and feel bad when I can't talk to someone for at least 20 minutes upon running into them on campus or in the store. This would explain why...
82) ... I hate small talk.
83) The only non-prime number I've had on my sport's jersey was 14, and that's because KJH didn't have a jersey with 13 on it. Other jersey numbers: 13, 17, 19.
84) I was the only girl on my t-ball team in first grade and they got me a special trophy with a girl batter on it.
85) My t-ball team's name was The Angels. (After the Anaheim Angels.)
86) I took 8 years of piano lessons and taught piano for about 5 months.
87) I've only had one job where I had an interview for it beforehand. All the others were given to me because of someone I knew. I've had two other job interviews but didn't get those jobs.
88) My hand can comfortably reach a 9 note span on the piano.
89) I am often told I look angry when I'm actually quite content, so I practice raising my eyebrows to avoid such confusion.
90) I've lived in 6 different apartments in Provo, but only 3 apartment complexes.
91) Old people ammuse me immensely. I plan on being the coolest old lady ever.
92) I used to steal change from my mom's purse in order to buy pencils from the pencil machine at Mt. View Elementary school.
93) The only time I got lunch detention, I skipped it and went to recess anyway and no one seemed to notice.
94) I dominated at POGS.
95) Me and my friends Helen and Tony (she was Korean, he was Indian, just as a side note) would play POGS and sing "Kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya" (sp?)
96) When we were little, I always made Catherine follow me down the stairs, she never got to go first. I also always got the last hit if we got in a "Gotcha Last" match. Always.
97) When I was 5 years old, I used to fake that I was hurt on the trampoline when we were playing "Dead Man" so that people would come close to me and see if I was ok. Then I'd tag them! haha!
98) I've never understood the big Utah hair thing. Why? Why?!
99) The first chapter book I ever read was a Bearstein Bears early reader book.
100) I used to go through my scriptures and mark random verses in red to make it look like I was a really good scriptorian.

Woo. There you go.

11.29.08 #2

Photo Illustration for Comms 365. The idea was that it could accompany a story about the ill effects of "Twilight" on girls (and guys too, just ask Ked or Adam). Thanks to my girl Kelsey for posing. Holla' back, b!


Something my brother-in-law found on Craig's List. I love crazy Utah people.

Wanted: Time Machine

Reply to: sale-936546466@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-11-28, 1:33AM

Need time travel device to share wisdom of present with past self and prevent foibles of teenage years. Will rent or borrow if an option. Serious, working time machines only. No theories or prototypes plz. Also, advice on safely altering time continuum welcome.


i had a dream last night that has pushed me into being for out going. i already know i need to correct some of my social habits--like, only really becoming friends with guys i would like to date. it even goes so far as to not even introduce myself or carry on a 2 minute conversation with a guy if i have no intentions of ever being interested in dating them. yes, i know this is a problem.
anyway, my dream last night. it was pretty muddled, but the gist of it was me coming really late to a ward activity where we were all sitting around in a big square (not circle, which is worth mentioning, because who sits around in a square without a table in between to shape them?) i was asked why i was late, and it was because "i was at my sisters" which, aside from saying, "hello" and "for the love!" i say more than anything. i'm not ashamed of this, of course not, it's just a fact of life--or rather, my life. my friend carly was there, who actually lives in Indiana, so that was strange. when i started getting annoyed looks from people because i was at my sister's instead of with single people who i could possibly marry, i got defensive. "jeez! i was helping her out! and eating dinner. and besides, it's not like carly is really social or anything." this was said in jest because carly is incredibly outgoing, friendly and social, but the crowd took it in all seriousness. suddenly i was being attacked by wads of paper, flying pencils and projectile paper clips. they went from a somewhat normal singles' ward to an angry mob. apparently carly was very popular in my dreamland ward, so any attack on her was a threat to them all. i ran away, looking for someone to be my friend. i was crossing a street when carly and some random guy started walking toward me. i tried to explain to them i had been joking, but carly didn't respond and the guy goes, "i'm sorry, you're just so anti-social. i don't think you really belong. maybe you should try harder." you'd think i'd be mad, but instead i was struck by the truth of his wards. i really don't belong in my ward, but it's mostly my own fault.
so, this morning i was happy to get up, even after only 6 1/2 hours of sleep. i got dressed, curled my hair and made sure to brush my teeth really well because i was determined to talk to a lot of people at church. we were late to church, but we sat next to a kid i've met several times before--blaire...i think that's how you spell it. after the meeting he asked what my name was. ouch. but at least he didn't throw a roll of tape at me.
i talked to tyler, he actually came up to me, so that was nice. i said hi to alex and i signed a little bit with samantha and, well, you get the idea. i think it was a success. oh! and i even went to choir. yeah. i know. that might be pushing it, seeing as i have a vocal range of 6 notes, but i didn't go to sing. i went to socialize. i said the opening prayer and shared my music with lexie. man, i was a total socialite today.

and now, to counteract the effects, i am sitting alone in my room. moderation in all things, right?


Do you ever wonder how many tiny people you've swallowed because you didn't hear them scream from your spoon?

I have. And it geeks me out.

11.10.08 #2

my friend krystin posted this map on her blog. i thought it was cool. notice how "soda" is used on the east and west coasts, and every other fad starts on the coasts and works its way in. it's only a matter of time before we're saying "soda" instead of "pop," which will be a sad day indeed.


Last night I dreamed. It was one of the first times I have been conscious of my dreaming and remembered the dream in a long time. I like dreaming because usually they're funny or trippy. Last night? Not so much. I was myself in the dream, living a typical day here at BYU. But it wasn't just typical, it was a bad typical day. I woke up, in the dream, and started finishing my home work as a result of procrastination this weekend. I was reading my ASL book, but got a phone call and didn't finish. Then I was reading my ethics book and was trying to think of a response to the chapter to turn in at class. But, something got in the way and I had to leave. So I was in a panic but had to go to my first class. I wasn't prepared for it, but sat down and signed the roll anyway. Then my dad walked in and asked me to leave class. As I walked out I saw my teacher scratching my name off the roll. When I got outside, my dad said I was late to go see a movie with my mom. I was glad to be with my family, but so frustrated that I had to skip class. I never skip class--ever. I could know that we are going to watch "Little Women" which I've seen over 60 times in the past 5 years, but I would go. So, mom and I were walking to the movie theatre and I realized by going to the movie I would be skipping my second class too. By then my panic was spreading from my stomach into my heart and lungs and it was hard to breathe. Finally, my mind kind of shut off in the dream. I decided that if I pretended it wasn't really happening, that everything would be ok. So I did. And I calmed down. Then I woke up for real, to the sound of my cell phone. I could've been really angry, but I was so excited that it was all a dream and I would be able to live my real day a lot better than my dream day. So I've been in a good mood all day, despite my runny nose, bruised knee, blistered foot, the rain clouds and the pressure of finishing my internship application.
I don't think it's fair that my real world is creeping so blatantly into my dream world. Lame.


Monument Valley, UT
(Comms 365 General News Photo)

Tyler Small - the photo my teacher picked for the sports photo. He said fooz ball wasn't really a sport, but still liked the photo.


New favorite movie:

New personal discovery:
i like being alone, but i love being with people. i guess i might be what you call a extroverted introvert--or rather, a introverted extrovert? i don't know. but i'm ok with it. i think it makes life nice and balanced and much less stressful. i can be happy whether i'm alone or with people--well, as long as i have at least one friend in the group.

you know those kids that go to parties or dances all alone? they try to join a group, which is pretty brave, i've gotten hand it to them. but they are so awkward and you automatically think they're strange. they might not be, they may be really cool, but it doesn't matter. they purposefully put themselves in a strange situation thus they are deemed strange. i know how that feels, i was that weirdo at the FHE party. i tried to fake my way through, jumping from one stranger to another in attemt to not freak anyone of them out. we'll see if i accomplished my goal on Sunday--we'll see if any of them talk to me.

Hiking Y Mountain--Audio Slide Show


For my Comms 365 class (photojournalism) we had to take pictures and capture audio of a "newsworthy" event. So, I hiked the Y with a couple friends. It would've been even more newsworthy if I had died on the way up, like it felt I was going to a couple times. Man, I am just not a hiker.


(Hiking the Y. October 2008. eg.)

I'm sitting here in the Harold B. Lee Library on the BYU Campus. I'm in the periodicals (not crying, thank you very much, Adam) trying to knock out the first page of my 8-page research paper on ethics in journalism. Naturally, I'm easily distracted. Facebook, Blogs, Hotmail, cell phone and sunshine. Yes, there is sunshine on this floor, despite it being underground. And the sunshine decided to come through the skylight and fall on me. It is shining through my dyed blond bangs and into my eyes. It feels good. Although, I must admit, I feel like I'm in the climatic scene of "Touched By An Angel" when the high tech stage light is turned on above the actor's head. Wow, original. I keep thinking people are looking at me. They're not. Good thing, because I don't have time to explain to all these people that I'm not an angel. I had to do that last week and, man, it's a pain.

p.s. it's the day before Halloween and i still haven't carved a pumpkin. i didn't carve one last year either. and if i remember correctly (which is a debatable subject) i didn't carve one the year before that either. how sad.


In 40 days this baby will be 21! Finally, the ability to buy alcohol on my own. Thanks for all your help throwing my parties in the past, Kelsey, (and for awkwardly holding me as a newborn) but I can take it from here.

(just joking...)


i ache.

today, i ache because of some things and for many things.

my skin aches from being sick.
my stomach aches from the lack of food,
and my head aches from the lack of drugs.

i ache for Washington.
i ache for home.
i ache for England and Scotland. i've never been there, but i wish i was there right now.
i ache to be part of the crowd and yet,
i ache to stand apart from the crowd.

today, i ache.



1) I have very flat feet. I like to pretend I have arches, like when I'm sitting down I'll bow my feet to give the appearance of normality. I wonder what my feet will be like in 25 years if I have no arch NOW. Don't your arches often break down over time? I had none to begin with. This doesn't seem fair. I'm at a severe disadvantage.

2) When I'm driving around Provo on my scooter, I'll pass other scooters on the road. For some reason, a bunch of them think it's their obligation or something to honk at me. Well, I wouldn't call it their "obligation" because they seem to be genuinely excited to see another scooter. There are hundreds of scooters in Provo, we're certainly not an endangered species. I'd be much more excited if I saw a one-armed man with an eye patch, wearing purple pants and a fedora. Now THERE'S someone I can relate to.

3) The fall air smells of nothing, or, if anything, death. Yet it makes me happy. Ok, let me clarify. Death doesn't make me happy, nor does the smell of death that I'm sure you're thinking of. I'm talking about dead leaves, not dead kittens and rotting corpses. Jeez, aren't you macabre.

4) I need to cut my bangs. i like the swoop thing they do, but in order for them to look their best, they have to be kinda long, which means they fall in my face and obstruct my view. They hang over my eye and have, more than once, caused me to nearly run into someone, accidentally ignore a friend I didn't clearly see, and I think my eye is developing a nervous tick because of them. I never thought I was one of those people that sacrificed comfort for style, seeing as I've never considered myself stylish (and my friends and family can attest to that fact) but I am. I'm such a fake. Oh the humanity!

5) I got my train tickets the other day. Yeehaw!


We are young, heartache to heartache we stand.
No promises, no demands.
Love is a battlefield.
We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong
Searchin' our hearts for so long, both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield

You're beggin' me to go, you're makin' me stay.
Why do you hurt me so bad?
It would help me to know,
Do I stand in your way, or am I the best thing you've had?
Believe me, believe me, I can't tell you why.
But I'm trapped by your love, and I'm chained to your side.

Were losing control.
Will you turn me away or touch me deep inside?
And before this gets old, will it still feel the same?
There's no way this will die.
But if we get much closer, I could lose control.
And if your heart surrenders, you'll need me to hold.

We are young, heartache to heartache we stand.
No promises, no demands.
Love is a battlefield.

We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong.
Searchin' our hearts for so long, both of us knowing
Love is a battlefield.

one wish...

One wish for today...

i wish a friend would ask me how i'm doing and sincerely want an honest answer. and if that answer was, "oh, not too swift," they'd sit down and listen to me.

not a family member. they're good at this already. a friend.

or, if they didn't have the chance to listen, i wish they'd give me a little note scratched out on a piece of paper asking why i look down.

i would love that. it's nice to know someone is noticing you.


Conner Dillan Christensen

Scotland Ty Christensen

Deon had me take pictures of her boys yesterday, and I think they turned out pretty good.


i was looking around some other blogs and happened upon this

what do you think? i like it--er, i like them.


I never really thought much about it before, but tonight I realized how true it is: Being a mom is so cool! Not that I'm a mom, or an expecting mom, or even married. But I was taking care of Kelsey and Ben's kids for a little more than an hour tonight alone, getting them in their pj's and brushing their teeth. It was fun! I loved being "the adult" and enforcing the rules, but making them laugh at the same time. I'm so used to be "the cool aunt" (i know that's what they call me, don't lie) and just playing around with them, but tonight I felt almost like a parent.
Well, now that I think more about it, this isn't the first time I've done something contrary to my cool-auntness. I've held a screaming baby till she fell asleep, changed diapers, put toddlers in time-out, and even made a snack or two for some hungry youngster. The difference tonight, though, was my mentality. Before I was just a babysitter or a helper to the parent. Tonight I was going solo; I let my mind wander into the future, thinking about when I'll be married and have little kids of my own. I imagined how satisfying it would be to have healthy and happy babies with my last name, with my blood, with my nose and my laugh. I've always wanted kids, 5 or 6 I think, but tonight I actually got excited to have kids.
This may seem silly to some, you know, for me to be telling you all this. But I think it's an example of how I'm growing up. I'm leaving petty, pointless and immature things behind. I'm becoming more focused on what's important in the long-run, on what will help those around me and not just myself. At least that's what I'm trying to do. I also need to work on my volume and choice of words. Some things just aren't as funny as they seem in my head, including calling someone on TV, "idiot" or getting all worked up and loud over a game. I'm slowly taking on attributes of my mom, where's she's witty and soft-spoken and would rather not be competitive. And that's ok with me. Actually, that's great with me.

Being the off-spring of Terry and Carrie Gosney, I inherited several less than desirable traits. Including "big bones" and the Roberts' behind. But shoot, I inherited so many totally awesome traits that trump any hips or thick fingers! For example, I received skills in art, English and wit from my mom, as well as a great example of patience and selflessness. I received athletitism, science/math comprehension and leadership/public speaking skills from my dad. Well, there's tons of other stuff, but this is just a short synopsis for you all to enjoy. ;o)


I finished my quilt. I bet you didn't even know I was making a quilt. Well, I'm done now. It's about 6x6', made out of a bunch of my old t-shirts from 2nd grade to my sophomore year of college. Plus, I used a bunch of my old jeans to make the borders. I had one pair of jeans since the 8th grade. I had to cut and "paste" a bunch of the pieces of those jeans together since half of them were made up of patches as it was.
So, yeah, the binding around the edges looks like crud because I'm a very impatient person, so regardless of whether my sewing was straight or not, I just kept going.
That's all I got. Nothing funny this time, just straight news.

9.14.08 #2

So tonight on my way home from visiting some old friends in the condos next to my apartment complex, i walked past the open door of one of the guys' apartments in my ward. there were a bunch of people inside, sitting in a circle, with my roommate Sarah in the middle of them turning around in circles looking very confused as everyone laughed. yes, that's right, they were playing "keep-away" with her cell phone. no wait, that's a lie. they were playing the game "Signs." Anyway, i decided to join in on the fun, hoping to meet new people (aka: guys) and i was very nicely accepted. However, i didn't get to play "Signs"--just then they changed the game to "Adverbs." One person left the room, the rest of the group decided on an adverb (the first choice was "Facebookly") and then the "it" person came back into the room, picked 3 actors from the group and told them the scene they'd be acting out the adverb in ("it" still doesn't know what that word is) and then leaves again. After the 3 actors decide on a course of action, "it" is brought back and the guessing begins. i was pretty confident that because only 3 people in the room new my name, i wouldn't get picked to act. oh how wrong i was. however, i didn't get the fun and easy word of "Facebookly" or "Return Missionaryily" -- no, I got "Freshmanly." When the girl, "it," came back in, she announced that the scene would be one of that resembling a delivery room, and the 3 lucky actors would be John, Sean (oh cute, they rhyme) and ....... (note, the whole time i was looking away from "it" in order to reduce my chances even more with the lack of eye-contact) Elizabeth. Inside i was thinking, "Ah, man! just my luck!" and then my feelings came out of my crooked mouth: "CRAP!!" woops. not a good impression to be leaving with these people. i didn't even know this woman knew my name. oh, of all the ironic cruel things in this world. but at least i was wearing cute shoes....
so, i was to be the freshman wife at BYU, giving birth in front of a group of 20 strangers. lovely. at least Matt, my roommate's boy, gave me some ideas. so with a reluctant heart, i sat down criss-cross-apple-sauce in the middle of the group. "It" came back into the room. John, the "father" was sitting on a chair across the room with his face turning red and his head in his hands in embarrassment. Sean, the "OBGYN" was just standing there, waiting for an alien abduction or the roof to collapse in on him (and in Park Plaza, that's not as far-fetched as it sounds.) Just before i started talking--i would have to talk of course, because the two pansy actors around me were too chicken to even look at me-- i unfolded my legs and crossed them out straight in front of me. "It", who'd chosen this terrible scene, attempted to reassure me with, "Well, you don't have to have your legs in the stir-ups or anything!" .......... uh, como se dice "awkward?"
So, I spoke with a loud voice to get everyone's attention that we were starting this ridiculous scene, and imbedded in the volume was the fact that if i was going to embarrass myself, they'd ALL better be watching.
"I can't have my baby here!" I said. "This is the Cannon Center...." i squeaked out the last line in attempt to make it more comical and because my face was scrunching up in agony and my voice went with it. neither of the boys responded or even shifted from their terribly awkward stances. I tried again. "I haven't even turned in my American Heritage homework yet!" Again, nothing from the two other "actors." but luckily "it" was on the ball. She guessed the adverb and the scene was over. just 30 seconds had passed from when i sat on the ground and crossed my legs to the time she guessed the absurd adverb and i arose from the blue indoor-outdoor carpet.
so, the awkwardness was short-lived, and happily it was taken as a great comical feat. now everyone in that room will remember me--if not by my actual name, then by a pretty little nickname: "Pregnant Freshman girl." eh, i'll take what i can get.


Kelsey let me come over to use her SLR camera AND use her kids as subjects. Thanks Kels. Cutie-patootie -- as in your kids, well, you are too, but, yeah...


Charlie, Rora and the twins watching "Curious George" in their diapers.
I'm gonna have to give this idea another try. I realized afterward I was laying in the wrong direction. Anyway, it's ok for now.


Comms. 365 -- Photo Assignment #1 [Weather]
score: 17/18 and a thumbs up from Kedrick

Location: Spanish Fork Kite Festival

This week has been very emotionally/mentally enlightening/tiring. And yes, that sentence in all its muddled glory is a perfect example of just how mind-stretching it was ... yeah, mind-stretching.

Things learned this week:
1) Be more light-hearted and flirtatious around guys so they aren't intimidated by me.
2) "I own the world" -- Don't fear the unknown, go for it and most likely you'll conquer.
3) Music and family bring instantaneous happiness when I'm bummed out.
-- "Good Morning Life" by Dean Martin
-- "Everything" by Michael Buble
-- "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by James Taylor
-- "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" by Frank Sinatra
-- "For Once in my Life" by Harry Connick, Jr.

Prize Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures of the prizes me, Mom and Dad won at "Bananas" in Grand Junction when I was there in Colorado. 90 tickets = 6 pirates. Amazing, yes?

#1 -- As you can see, a brawl is taking place between the pirates. The weaponless pansy in blue went down first, naturally.

#2 -- After the brawl, the witch doctor came along and brought the blue pansy back to life. They all became friends and had a good time in the hot tub. (Dad came up with that, he's so creative.)

#3 -- Dad was playing the batting cages. [He was batting. For some reason I had to clarify that because when I first typed it I had this image of Dad running around the enclosed area, dodging balls as they flew out of the pitching machines, with his arms up in the air laughing hysterically. Very uncharacteristic of Dad, but nonetheless, possible]. So, anyway, me and Mom got the pirates out again and had a couple more battles. The blue pansy always died first. That's what you get for dropping your sword into the sea. Ariel probably has it by now in her little "cave of secrets." Psh, honey, that secret was out a WHILE ago.


what an awesome week! here's why...

~new deodorant that actually works
~a 22 page letter from a near complete stranger
~hecka fun classes/wide open schedule/having Adam in 3 of those classes
~playing softball, and although losing by 8, having a wicked awesome time
~playing with Conner, Charlie, Aurora and the twins
~my parents
~going to the temple and doing 15 names! not just 2 or 3 like usual
~my roommate Sarah
~a clean apartment
~sweatshirt weather
~James Taylor/Fantasia/Carbon Leaf/Death Cab for Cutie
~my scooter
~my siblings
~no boys/no drama/no need
~smiling strangers
~a new National Geographic
~meeting a new friend because he helped fix my bookshelf as it collapsed in front of his apartment. (he's now totally infatuated with my roommate. good thing he's too short for me.)
~water and granola bars
~Sensuous Sandwich
~British accents
~et cetera...Even my hair looks awesome this week! ;o)



Pretty much the best movie ever captured on my camera. Sorry Cath. Ha ha ha ha!

[Fruita, CO -- Elizabeth and Kammie trying to get a tennis ball into the gutter hole in the side of the elementary school.]

Pride and Prejudice, Act I Scene 6

And this is what we do in the wee-hours of the morning on Thursdays in Fruita...


Little Women, Uncut and Remastered

This is what we do on quiet Wednesday nights in Fruita...



Kelsey tagged me...i don't know how i feel about that. oh well, it's good to try everything once, right? well, except for illicit drugs. that didn't turn out too well.

Pick 5 Friends
Friend 1: Stevie
Friend 2: Catherine
Friend 3: Kelsey
Friend 4: Deon
Friend 5: Carly

About Friend 1:

What is their favorite color? Mmm, blue. Well, it was in 4th grade.
When did you meet them? In 4th grade, so about 10 or 11 years ago.
Did you go to high school or middle school with them? yes, and elementary school too. we're tight.
Are they a big flirt? yeah, but in a down-to-earth way. she's awesome.
Do they dance? yeah, stevie is an amazing dancer. stake dances were 10 times better when she came.

About Friend 2:

Have you ever had a dream about them? yeah, those dreams are the funniest. although none come to mind right now...
Where do they live? Fruita, CO--unfortunately for me.
Have you ever heard them sing? yes, of course. she told me today that i'm the only person she really sings along to songs around.
What is your favorite thing about them? she's hilarious and really sweet.
Why is that your favorite? because she's my best friend and we could do anything or nothing and have an awesome time. she makes me feel good.

About Friend 3:

What color are their eyes? blue/gray/green/hazel. they change.
Do you love them? yeah, i have to, she's my sister. j/k.
When was the last time you saw them? too long ago--nearly 2 weeks ago.
What is their favorite color? turquoise or yellow--that's what i remember from when i was little.
Would you kiss them? no, weird. "como se dice, 'awkward'?"

About Friend 4:

Are they even your friend? yeah, she's my sister!
When was the last time you saw them in person? about 1 hour ago. she went to bed.
Are you two best friends? one of them, yes!
Do you borrow each others clothes? yeah. well, most of the time she just gives me her old clothes.
Do they have any pets? no, they had a guinea pig for a week or so and then the vacuum got clogged...

About Friend 5:

Is she married? no, not yet.
Have you ever worked with them? yeah, i trained her before she took my job cuz i moved.
Have they ever been to your place? well, not my current place, but we pretty much grew up in each other's houses.
Did you ever have a crush on the same person? haha, yes! Brian Cleaver, back in 6th grade. that could've been the end of our friendship, but luckily he didn't like either of us so we moved on.
Are you related to them? no, not blood related. but we're practically sisters.


something i saw on facebook that my friend had done. i've got time, so i'll post my own answers here--for you--lucky...

only use one word for each answer...

Where is your cell phone? near.
Your significant other? who?
Your hair? brittle.
Your brother? Michigan.Your sister? sleeping.
Your favorite thing? family.
Your dream last night? lame.
Your favorite beverage? milk
Your dream/goal? NG (National Geographic.)
The room you're in? quiet.
Your ex(es)? awkward.
Your fear? loss.
In 10 years? mommy.
Where were you last night? Fruita.
What you're not? datable.
Muffins? chocolate.
One of your wish list items? Honda.
Where you grew up? westside.The last thing you did? blink.
What are you wearing? band-aid.
Your TV? off.
Your pets? dinner.
Your computer? MacBook.
Your life? awesome.
Your mood? content.
Missing someone? Clifts.
Your car? totalled.Something you're not wearing? underwear. (j/k)
Favorite Place? bed.
Your summer? shveet.
Love someone? Ferb.
favorite color? red.
Last time you laughed? Conner.
Last time you cried? joyful.

Before I die...

-go sky diving
-see Big Ben
-see the Eiffel Tower
-see the pyramids
-go to the Sacred Grove
-publish a book
-meet the prophet
-meet someone "worldly" famous
-try on jewelry at Tiffany's
-go to the top of the Space Needle
-swim in the Dead Sea
-see the Great Barrier Reef
-go on a mission
-visit all U.S. temples' grounds
-hike the Y (completed May 2007)
go into Central Park
-go to the Olympics
-play with a monkey
-ride a train
-go snowboarding
-ride a Tandem bike
-work in a big city (Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston...)
-get a 91% or above at the Testing Center (completed February 2007, Physcial Science 100, 93%)
see the Northern Lights
-go REAL rock climbing
-eat at Beto's
-eat at J-Dawgs (completed April 2007)
-sleep under the stars
-dance in the rain
-eat a pomegranate
-drink pomegranate juice (completed February 2007)
-go to Four-Corners
-learn to dive
-run a 5k
-go scuba diving
-learn to break dance
-learn to ballroom dance
-swim in the Atlantic Ocean
-eat cheese in Wisconsin
-donate blood (completed July 2007)
do 5 curl-ups at one time
-sing "Meet Me In St. Louis" in St. Louis
-see a Broadway play (completed May 2008)
-learn a language fluently (almost completed, ASL, August 2008)
-learn to use a Mac (completed December 2007)
-fly a plane
-graduate from college
-have something published in National Geographic
-learn to do a cart-wheel
-get married
-have kids, etc...


My brother Gabe is one talented chap. He painted this on his boys' bedroom wall just for kicks. I can't remember who's who--as in, if Tucker is Luigi or Mario and which one that leaves Hayden to be. Anyway, I'm quite impressed.

i hurt BOTH of my hands yesterday. i didn't realize my right hand was hurt until this morning though. see, yesterday morning mom, dad and i went to Bananas fun park. we went on the go-karts where i got whip lash from slamming into the back of dad's kart when we had to stop for a incompetent driver who'd spun out of control and was blocking the track. seriously, the engines are taken from a Wal-Mart lawn mower and she managed to lose control. pathetic. that wasn't how i hurt my hand though. after that we went on the bumper boats. bad idea. they have squirt guns on the front of each of the boats so you can soak other riders. i yelled at at least 3 different boys to quit squirting me. Boy #1: "I'm gonna get you!" Me: Quit it. Seriously. No, for reals, kid, stop it! I'm SERIOUS!" Boy #2: "Hey! Everyone! It's boys against girls! Ready? GO!" Me: "I'm not playing. Seriously. Kid, I'm serious. I'm not playing. Stop." (At this point I was thinking, "Yeah, I'll play boys against girls once we're both out of these confounded boats and you realize I'm 3 feet taller than you and can shove you into the bumper boat lake. You won't be laughing THEN, now will you?") anyway, that wasn't how i hurt my hand either.
After getting soaked and losing half my mascara as it ran down my face, me and dad went to the batting cages. i haven't hit a softball in two years, so either i've forgotten how to hold a bat or the bat was a piece of crap... ha ha, that rhymed and i think it was the second thing. so i hit 25 balls and had to stop 3 times to let the feeling come back into my hand--after the pain went away. i guess the muscles in my hand didn't like all the beating, so over night they tightened up to about half size while inflaming to twice the size. not fun. so i hurt my hand yesterday but didn't know it until this morning....long story.
oh, onto the other hand. i was making bracelets out of embroidery floss yesterday, cutting the pieces with fabric sheers. instead of putting the scissors away, i stuck them between my knees and managed to slide my palm along the tip. it wasn't bad enough to lacerate my hand, but it kind of perferated it so that it popped open later. painful? yes. bloody? not so much. lucky me. ha, lucky you. can you imagine the image i could create for you with that? sweet.

oh, we got some sweet prizes from the tickets we got from skee-ball and spider-squasher. i won't ruin the surprize though, i'll post pictures later.